Has BF Ing Truely Helped Any Of You Lose Weight Faster

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Preggo - February 14

I am curious whether it really does help. I've read contradicting info about it and want to know. I am still going to BF either way.


Corissa - February 14

I have not started trying to lose any weight yet, but I think the b___stfeeding has helped me not to gain weight as quickly as I would if I was not BFing. Because since Willow has been born and I can eat again I have PIGGED OUT and only gained 1 lb in 4 months.


Carin - February 14

NO!!!!!!!! (Sorry for outburst) But I was told that I could eat like a horse while b___stfeeding and not gain any weight. Lies!! I weigh the same as I did right after giving birth. Which means I have gained weight. It burns calories but the amount of time you spend sitting and immobile with your little baby means you aren't nearly as active as normal. Just don't eat like a obese horse (like I did) and watch your portions, and you should be fine.


Emy - February 14

What I have noticed is that is has helped my uterus contract faster and so I got rid of that post pregnancy bulge faster than I might have without b___stfeeding. I could feel the cramping from my uterus contracting when I would b___stfeed.


Ange - February 14

For the first 3months I lost nothing. Then when my baby was 3-6months I lost ALL my pregnancy weight.


jg - February 14

I didn't lose weight until I stopped b___stfeeding at 6 months.


April - February 14

I eat like a horse and have been at my pre pregnancy weight for a month now!


April - February 14

Sorry for my half thought. I'm tired. My baby is 7 months old and I am still exclusively b___stfeeding.


JL - February 14

I did not lose all of my pregnancy weight until my daughter stoppped b___stfeeding at age 12 months. It sucked.


C - February 15

Yes, both times. The second time the weight came off slower, but it happened.


Preggo - February 15

Well, I guess this is encouraging. From the looks of reading so far I guess it may also depend on your on individual make-up metabolically . I wasn't tiny to begin with. I was average sized,but I feel like a balloon and I'm dieing to feel normally again. I know you all know what that feels like...lol.I'm 35 weeks and I've gained 32 pds so far. Thanks for all of your comments , they were a great help!


Sarah-Natalees mama - February 19

I lost all my weight w/ in 2 weeks and now have have lost another 5 lbs w/ in the pst few weeks. I am almost 6 months PP and no dieting so the extra 5 has got to be from BFing.


katie - February 19

the first time, i lost nothing. this time, my ds is only 4 weeks old and i've lost over 20 pounds! yay!!!


c - February 20

I gained close to 60 pounds. I lost 40 pounds in the first 2 months and then another 5-10 since then. My son is now 10 months and I still need to lose 10 pounds of pregnancy weight. I think I lost so much at first because I didn't eat right on maternity leave. Once I went back to work I started eating more than I should, I stopped losing weight. My doctor said to eat normally and exercise and the weight should come off with ease. I just never feel like exercising but I bet it would help a ton.


sdixon82 - March 18

YES! My baby is 3 months old and I am below my pre pregnancy weight. I am 24 and have not been this small since I was 16. I don't work out and eat a lot too. I can only thank b___stfeeding!


Ginny - March 20

My Baby Girl is 7 weeks old and I'm actually 3 pounds lighter than before I got pregnant. I had a C-section, too and I've been having to work back into my excercise routine VERY slowly - I just walk, nothing major. You're right about it depending on the person. My mom actually lost so much weight that her dr told her to start subst_tuting for one feeding a day so that mom could keep some nutrients for herself!


meandthegirls - March 20

I have not lost weight faster b___stfeeding. I seem to have kept the weight on and felt hungry all the time. My b___sts have also stayed bigger after. I wouldn't have changed it for the world thought. BF is definitely a bonding experience.



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