Having Trouble With Breastfeeding Help

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Daytona - May 3

my baby is 10 days old now..and we still havent had much success br___tfeeding. its hard to get her to latch on..then when she does..its hurts alot but when i try get her off she clamps down harder and therefore makes it more sore. is there any advice anyone could give me..it takes me hours sometimes to feed her..which makes both her and i frustrated. all i can do is cry all the time..i feel so useless like i cant do anything for her.


olivia - May 3

Gees Daytona, it is really hard the first few weeks. It sounds like you are having latching trouble. Can you talk to a lactation consultant who could meet with you and give you some tips? Make sure if it is a bad latch you try again (Stick your finger in between her mouth and your nipple to break the suction, remove her, and try again). You want her mouth to cover your entire nipple and areola if possible. Never try to pull her off without breaking the suction. The pain could be that you have a small crack, it is common in the beginning. You can use lanolin lotion, or a product called soothies which are gel pads you leave on between feedings. You don't want a crack to scab over or dry out because it won't heal from the inside and she'll continue to pull it off. So keep it soft with lanolin, soothies, or even rub b___stmilk on it between feedings. You might want to be sure you aren't suffering from post partum depression with all the crying. It is really common from the hormone changes and you can take medication if you need it while continuing to b___stfeed. Talk to you your doctor if your feelings of sadness get any worse or if you feel like you can't take care of your baby. Have you used a bottle at all? If so it could be confusing the baby a little. If you want to b___stfeed and have tried the bottle, back off the bottle and concentrate on getting the b___stfeeding going first. You can introduce the bottle in a few weeks if things are going well (if that is what you were planning, you don't need to ever use a bottle if you choose). Anyway, all I can say is hang in there. It is pretty much hard work for 6 weeks to be honest. After that life gets pretty easy for b___stfeeding moms!


C - May 3

It sounds like you need a lactation consultant to help you out in person. Otherwise, try using a nipple shield if you don't want help. Have you been supplementing with a bottle at all?


Daytona - May 4

I have been expressing milk to feed her with. she was going well for a couple of days..but the last few days all she does is scream while im trying to feed her...ive tried everything that everyone tells me..but nothing seems to work. I just dont know what to do anymore..i rang my midwife for support but couldnt get a hold of her..and all the other midwives seemed to busy to help and would just transfer me to someone else. I know its hard the first few weeks..but i honestly didnt think id be crying nearly every hour of the day.


olivia - May 4

Hi again Daytona, It still sounds like you have a little post partum depression mixed in here with your nursing problems. Try the midwife again and make sure you get someone to talk to you. Tell them about how frusterated you are and the crying and see if they can get you in to see them. Good luck.


JJ5235 - May 4

Hi Daytona my name is Jessica and I understand exactly how you feel. I have a 6 week old and went through the same thing. Let me tell you that it WILL GET BETTER!!! Just hang in there. All I did for the 1st few weeks was cry and get sad about trying to b___stfeed because my nipples would bleed/ crack and be so sore. I talked to a lactation consultant at the hospital where I delivered and she was very helpful. Another great resource which I find to be soo much better than this website is kellymom.com, It is all about b___stfeeding. They have a forum too without silly drama and experienced woman who will help you get through this. It will get better so keep your head up but be patient because it is very hard at first (and painful). Before you know it you will be a pro!


Susan W - May 4

Sounds to me like you have a latching problem causing the pain, and Olivia has talked a bit about that, as well as how to unlatch so it doesn't hurt. I found pretending to point my nipple to the back of the roof of the mouth helpful, as well as holding my b___st to make a sideways sandwich, if you will, for the baby to "bite" helped a lot. It does take hours at first. I felt like I did nothing but nurse for the first 2-3 months. Having suffered from severe PPD myself, it's still too early to call it PPD (that is only diagnosed after 2-3 weeks postpartum; before that it's the baby blues, which can be hard too) but you may need to keep an eye on that and evaluate how you are feeling. I would keep nagging someone to get help, both with the nursing and to tell them you are concerned you are developing PPD. That might get their attention. Kellymom is a good site, and there is a forum at La Leche League (www.lalecheleague.org) where you can ask questions and get answers and even find a local group to contact for support. I would really, really recommend LLL. Great resource on nursing and parenting. I know it's sooo hard. I spent the first 2 months thinking every day about quitting nursing. I was totally depressed for the first 4 months until someone realized I was in dire straits and got me some medication and therapy. We're still nursing 20 months later, no bottles, and two pregnancies later, so you can overcome. It does get better.


karlynn17 - May 5

do a search on a post partum doula in your area or contact a lactation specialist in your area. You could also try a visiting nurse. The first 2 weeks are really hard, but when you get over that, it usually gets much better. My daughter didn't latch on until 7 weeks old and my son latched on the first try, but it hurt badly for 10-14 days.


chris mandola - May 13

Hi, I read that you can put your pinky finger in babies mouth before nuring to get baby to round out it's mouth instead of biting down. Eventually they are supossed to catch on. Mine still bites down , I use a nipple sheild because I'm feeding a baby shark. It's not a perfect solution but at least I didn't have to quit b___stfeeding. Don't worry even after using a sheild you can still go back to just your nipple. Good Luck!



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