Heart Palpitations Hot Amp Sweaty

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stefkay - September 23

Hi, I am 11 weeks pp and for a few weeks now I've been having crazy heart palpitations and I am hot sweat a lot (like hot flashes kind of) When the heart palps happen I also get what feels like a surge of adrenaline in my chest (like how you feel when someone jumps out and scares you). Anyways, I had an ekg today and of course it didn't happen then so my primary care dr. is sending me to a heart center to have a 24 hr. monitor put on me. I'm really nervous about this. I know stress probably plays into it but now I'm wondering if some of it is hormones? Anyone else have this? It seems worse at night....oh, and I am br___tfeeding too exclusively. It also seems to happen regardless of whether I feel stressed or not, but if I focus on it a lot and start worrying about it, it seems to get worse....agh.


jacobsmom1 - October 7

I have these and have had them for 7 years. No matter what I am doing I can all of a sudden have a flutter and my doctor says everyhing is ok. When it first happened I had no idea what to think. i did the monitor and it turned out to be flutters. I have anxiety thats why I get them.


stefkay - October 14

I ended up going to the dr. and had blood work done. I also wore a holter monitor for a day (the heart monitor). I was found to have hyperthyroidism which explained all the symptoms plus the fact that I was eating like crazy and a lot of fast food but not gaining weight. I thought it was because I was b___stfeeding, but nope. I started thyroid medication and it seems much better now. If i eat a lot of salt it seems to get worse. I also am high anxiety anyways so that makes it worse. I feel better now but need to get exercising or I'm gonna pile on some seriously unwanted pounds :)


dcaron - March 25

I am 11 weeks pregnant and just had my first heart palpatation today at work. it felt like an alien inside my chest! I am told that it is normal and that it comes from the extra blood that is now being pumped to the baby.


stefkay - March 25

Yes, when pregnant heart palpitations are common. If it happens AFTER you've had the baby get your thyroid checked out!



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