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foxhoundsrgr8 - June 30

I'm pretty new to br___t feeding, hence the problem...The situation is as follows: I gave birth exactly 22 days ago, my milk came in on the third day. There was so much of it that I was told I had to pump until both my br___ts were empty,otherwise I could face engorgement and serious problems. Now it seems like my son has developed colic because of a too fast let down and overproduction. Question is: I've read that to even out my milk production, I should not pump, but if I don't, I get really painful br___ts and I'm afraid of engorgement and other complications. Any advice??


Emmie - July 1

One thing I think you could do is put warm wash clothes on your b___sts to ease the pain and also if you hand express just a little bit it can help the engorgement and then feed him. When I get up in the morning I always have to pump some out before I feed my son because of the fast let down and after I pump out a couple of ounces the milk comes in a little slower. Hope this helps.


foxhoundsrgr8 - July 2

Thanks Emmie - I actually tried this method last night and it seems to have helped easing off the pressure a bit!


JJ5235 - July 2

Hi foxhound congratulations on the birth of your son! Okay first off you should not pump until b___sts are empty because you are telling your body to make more milk. You should do like emmie said and just jump enough to ease the engorgement. It also helps when you do this because you will have pumped when you have that fast letdown and if you feed right after your son wont choke on it. Another great thing for fast let down is nurse lying down. How is your son doing with the b___stfeeding? How often is he eating? Is he having enough wet/poopy diapers? How many? Your fast letdown and overproduction did not cause him to be colicky. Its not possible. It may make him fussier but its not true colic. Have you checked out This is a great website which will help you get your overproduction under control and support that you need for these hard first weeks/months! Let me know how you are doing if you want.


foxhoundsrgr8 - July 2

Hi jj5235, thanks so much for your answer! I've tried bf lying down, placing him on top of me - that didn't work very well, he got kind of frustrated. My favorite position right now is lying sideways, him facing me the same way (I also noticed that he is less ga__sy if he is lying on his side as opposed to his back, but maybe I'm wrong??). He loves bf, he rarely gets the bottle (when my husband feeds him - it's expressed milk though). He is eating anywhere btwn 6-10 times a day, depending on how long he is asleep for every time he goes down. After every feeding his diapers are wet, 9 times out of 10 poopy (mustard yellow in color, which I think is how it's ought to be). He does spit up every time he feeds, maybe even more than once, but he doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort when he does that. The problem seems to be getting his no.2's out, he goes bright red, and obviously strains to get them out every time. I don't know what else to do?? I was thinking could it be some sort of milk allergy/intolerance? (I have lactose intolerance, but have a pot of yogurt and whey protein every day, which I seem to be able to tolerate. Do you think he might be reacting to that??)


JJ5235 - July 2

Hi foxhound. Everything sounds great. I dont think it is an allergy. Babies make pooping hard for themselves because while he is trying to push out the poopy, he is also clinching his rectum shut so that nothing can come out. They just dont understand yet how to relax the a__s. It will get better with time and practice! You are doing a great job and keep up the good work. Check out though, its very informative. HTH.


bean - July 5

Sounds like you have a milk oversupply. Check out the La Leche website - they have a great article and tips on oversupply. Basically, they advise NOT to pump (because it stimulates more milk production) but to manually express. If you have a lot of milk, you can pretty easily squeeze out a few drops to ease your pain. Or take a hot shower and that'll get the milk flowing! After a few days your supply should lessen to only what the baby needs. I had an oversupply and thought I had cured it, and then dd went through a growth spurt and here am I sooo over full again! *sigh* Dd is 8 weeks old, by the way. But luckily no plugged ducts or anything yet. Good luck!


Nazek - July 6

hi foxhoundsrgr8, you know what overproducing milk is not only the reason of colics,you have to pay attention of the food your eating,for example tomatoes,beans and eggs should be avoided as well as chips and junk food too,when i was b___stfeeding i really paid attention for what i am eating and lost 15 kilos in one month and a for pumping, at first it was a little bit painful but after that i got used to it ,actually i wasn't pumping all of the milk and it really worked and now my baby is 4 months old and i am still b___stfeeding. goodluck.


HannahBaby - July 6

"The cause of colic isn't known. In the past it was thought to be related to the digestive system. However, although painful abdominal gas may contribute to colic, there is little evidence to prove it's due to gastrointestinal problems. Another possible cause of colic is a combination of the baby's temperament and an immature nervous system. The baby's temperament may make him or her highly sensitive to the environment, and he or she may react to normal stimulation or changes to the environment by crying. Because the baby's nervous system is immature, he or she is unable to regulate crying once it starts."


AlissaF - July 8

I have an overactive milk supply and actually developed mast_tis because of it. My lactation consultant told me to only pump for about 5 minutes when I pumped... just enough to ease the pressure, but not enough to produce more milk. I only pump now in the am and maybe once more later in the day if he isn't eating enough. I also found some hot/cold packs at Target that are wonderful!!! before a feeding you put them in the microwave for 20 secs and wear them warm and then put them in the freezer and put them on cold after the feeding. they are great!!


cynhanlon - July 13

You should pump or b___st feed at least every 2-3 hours. The milk supply will decrease. You can store your milk in the refrig. or freeze if you have excess amount.


foxhoundsrgr8 - July 19

Thanks for your answers everyone, the oversupply problem seems to have sorted itself out, as some of you had suggested it would, in tune with baby's demands..My biggest problem is my son's colic - it's still there, no matter what I do it seems I'm unable to help him - no matter what I eat, the situation is still the same..Can any of you suggest anything?


Susan W - July 19

I know how you feel. I also had a colicky baby. It was pretty bad. FYI, something (I just learned this) that some folks think is that moms with oversupply and/or forceful letdown may have babies who are a bit colicky, simply because they may take in more air as they try to keep up (I can totally see why . . . ) Colic may be related to acid reflux, but nobody is really 100% sure. However, our son had reflux, and it was BAD. . . Anyhow, you can try to nurse in a more upright position, and keep the baby upright for a half hour after each feeding, which may help if it's due to reflux. We ended up going to medication, which helped some. He is a very sensitive child, so it may also have been due to him being a sensitive and overwhelmed baby.. . . I have heard, but I don't know much about it, about an elimination diet the mom can try to see if that helps. IF this next baby is as bad as the first, I'll give it a whirl. I heard about it at an LLL meeting, but I'm sure if you looked on the website or asked on the LLL forum, someone there would have more information. Otherwise, I found keeping baby ON me as much as possible was the only way to head off a crying jag that lasted at least 4 hours or more. Trying the CIO just made it 10000% worse. I wore him in a sling everywhere until he was about 5 months old. I sc___pbooked the first day he actually sat and played by himself because it was so great to actually have a peaceful day! LOL. Hang in there. It will get better!!


kellens mom - July 19

We found a solution to our very colicky baby! We took dd to the chiropractor. "One of the most historic studies in chiropractic on infantile colic has been done in Denmark. This study on 316 infants, in the August 1989 Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, reported that chiropractic adjustments eliminated or significantly reduced colic in 94 percent of the cases. The median age of these infants was 5.7 weeks, with moderate to severe colic having an average of 5.2 hours of persistent crying per day. After 2 weeks, with an average of 3 treatments, in 60 percent the colic stopped and in 34 percent the colic improved. Ninety-four percent of the infants were treated at the 2 upper cervical joints, 53 percent in that area alone, and 41 percent also in the thoracic spine (generally T4/T5 to T8/T9). Chiropractic adjustments, as a result of this study are widely used in Denmark. It is estimated now that 20-40 percent of all infants in Denmark are being managed by chiropractors for treatment of infantile colic." It scared the baby at first because they align things when the baby exhales. The pressure pushes more air out of their lungs. Five minutes afterwards, she was sound asleep! She was so relaxed that she slept the rest of the afternoon. As it turns out, there were two vertebrate that were misaligned. We went back a second time and only one was misaligned. We went back a third time and everything was in alignment. He said not to return until she becomes fussy for several days in a row. We did go back a fourth time 6 weeks later. In short, we guessed that the first manipulaton reduced her colic by 60%. The second manipulation reduced colic by 70-75%. Let me just say that it was the BEST $110 (3 visits) that we ever spent. Her gas was greatly reduced, but I will say she did still have some trouble pa__sing it. I think she was clinching her buns too tight. I quit eatting yogurt for a while too.



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