Help I Stopped Producing Milk

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firstimemama - October 9

my daughter is 4 months old and I've br___tfed since birth, all of a sudden i've stop producing milk. I was pumping 8-12 oz. and now I barely get 3 oz. what can I do to produce milk or how can I wean her off to formula??


lily10 - October 9

Are you sure you stopped producing milk? If you think your supply is low you may want to try fenugreek. I would not base your milk supply on the amount you are pumping. Try upping your fluid intake and nursing your baby as much as possible. Also you could pump for a few mins after each feeding session. Instead of going by the amount you are pumping try going by wet/poopy diapers and your baby of course. If your baby seems content after each feeding and she is gaining weight then I would keep b___stfeeding. I notice a big difference when I keep my fluid intake up. Oh and 8-12 oz is a lot to pump, a lot of woman only pump smaller amounts per session. It could also be that you are pumping at different times of the day that can make a big difference in the amount you are getting. Good luck!!


spamanda - October 9

firstimemama -- round about 3-4 months is when your supply will finally even out. If you are pumping after feeding, you may notice that you are not producing as much as you were before, simply because you aren't. Doesn't mean your LO isn't getting enough, just that you aren't making all the extra. Have you gone back to work? That can affect things too. Also, i NEVER pumped as much as I was able to nurse. Are you sure she isn't getting enough b___stmilk? Are you pumping and feeding her bottles? It might just be that you don't realize how much she is getting if she is b___stfed. (Don't you wish our b___bs came with measuring marks like the bottles, lol???) Don't worry about weaning just yet. I would bet things are fine. Be sure you drink plenty of liquids, try not to stress over it, and talk to a lactaction consultant if you can. There are things you can do before you supplement. Once you start supplementing, you WILL produce less milk and then there's no going back. So for now, stick with what you're doing. Good luck! ~spam


wailing - October 12

This happened to me also at 15wks. I thought I wasn't producing enough milk b/c when I pumped I would only get 1 oz and my b___st didn't feel full. What i read said that ur b___st are just used to making the same amount and dont' make much more then needed. I started pumping more after each session and drinking more water. Now, I'm back to being full and pumping more then I can handle:-) It took about 2wks


excited2bemama - October 15

same thing happened to me at 4 months- its not that you don't have any more milk- its just that your supply is evened out. I used to get alot when I pumped and don't get much anymore. If you want extra for pumping after feeding your lo keep pumping after she nurses.



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