Help Very Frustrated Baby Girl

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SusanT - January 19

My baby girl is 6 days old and is having a hard time latching and staying on to nurse. She gets very frustrated and upset and at times I give in and suplement. I want to strictly br___tfeed her, how do I know if she is getting enough? Am I doing things right......HELP


eclipse - January 19

Hi Susan, I had the exact same problem with my son. I went to the lactation consultant at my hospital and after working with her and incorporating some techniques and a nipple shield (he had issues from jaundice with latching, etc) he has been doing it since then. They are amazing, and since it is considered part of your labor and delivery, use them. Mine was amazing. Or call La Leche League, they are very helpful as well. They both can weigh your baby before feeding and after to determine how much she is getting for sure and you can go as many times as necessary. Good luck!


ssmith - January 19

I feel for you! I went to the Lactation Consultants at the hospital too.....MANY times. I also had to supplement until my milk came in. Here's what I can suggest~~ do you have a b___stfeeding pillow? If not, get one. Second, get a foot stool to elevate your feet. Third, hold your baby so that her head is in the palm of your hand, and her body is sort of resting on your forearm, then use your free arm to hold your b___b tight to her face. I never had any luck cradle-holding her, because her head would "bob" and she'd unlatch! Try to make sure that her mouth is open wide before pushing her onto your b___b. I found that I really had to hold tight to her head and my b___b until she got the hang of it. Remember she needs to learn how to b___stfeed as much as you do! They aren't born knowing how to do it. Good luck! I hope I helped. That first month was VERY stressful.....but it GETS EASIER. People kept telling me that, and it's true!! Let me know how you make out!! My dd is 8.5 months now, and we are still b___stfeeding happily.



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