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shan - March 1

i was told by my doctor that i don't have enough br___t milk, so i need to give him formular too. i really, really want to br___t feed him for a long time,this is really depressing for me as i need to br___t feed him first, then formular, then pump br___t milk for later feeds. will the situation change, anyone can help , anyone knows how to increase my supply, please help. And also will my son stick to my br___t after my supply increase.


Maleficent - March 1

why did he say your not making enough? is there a medical reason or is it his opinion? have you talked to a lactation consultant? how old is your baby? please don't give up without a professional opinion. there are teas and supplements that will help increase your supply but the best thing you can do is nurse as much as possible. your baby is the best tool you have to help increase your supply. if you are interested, i'm a member of a wonderful on line message board of b___stfeeding moms, they are amazingly helpful and supportive. if you want to check it out i'd be happy to send you the url. [email protected]


shan - March 2

my son is 10 days old and the hospital gave him formular on the first day as my baby was crying too much. so acording to the lactation consultant, my b___st was not stimulated enough during the first few days. in the hospital they told me its ok to give the baby bottle as long as i'm b___st feeding regularly. i'm not going to give up so soon. still trying my best and thanks for your reply and encouragement as i need it the most now. for now im taking fennel tea and motellium as advice by the consultant.


moe - March 2

Hey shan don't give your newborn a bottle if your going to b___st feed!! It will confuse the baby. My lactation nurse and my hospital told me not to give the baby a bottle if I was b___st feeding. The baby sucks competely different from the bottle and b___st... And my milk didn't come in until 3 days later after birth and my baby had lost over a lb so the hospital kept him one more day. And what i did to help the milk come in faster was I had a pump so i could pump. It was very stressful the first wk but we got through it and so can you.... Goodluck


Maleficent - March 2

shan, i'd toss the bottles. your going to feel like your nursing around the clock while your supply catches up, but the only TRUE way to get your production going strong is nurse as much as possible. when a baby nurses the sucking motion is your bodys que to make more milk. if he's on the bottle he's not "placing his order". as long as he's still wetting 8-10 diapers a day you know he's getting enough to eat. there are sure to be alot of tears from both of you while you get things back on track but it's going to be sooooo worth it. your doing a good job mom! stick with it! it gets much easier.


Kathy - March 5

I say keep trying to increase the milk supply, but if your baby isn't gaining, you may have to suppliment. Your baby growing is the most important. IF you want to try exclusive b___st feeding, then stop in and have the nurses weigh him for you weekly. (This should cost nothing, I did it all the time as my baby was on heart meds and the dose depended on weight) If weight gain is fine, keep at it, if not, heed the doctor's advice. As for the nipple confusion thing, I don't find it true. My child had bottles of pumped milk and pacifiers as newborns, and they nursed very well. In fact, at 3 months my daughter refused any more bottles, and my son after that age only accepted a bottle if he couldn't see or here me around.


Jodi - March 29

try drinking more water and taking fenugreek.


Anonymous - April 11

Visit for more info to how to increase your supply and to find a local chapter that can also help you.



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