Help Me Im Going Out Of My Mind

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afireinsideamanda - October 23

alright. heres the situation. my daughter is nearly two weeks old. im going crazy. signs say shes doing well with br___tfeeding...shes surpassed her birth weight already, is having several wet diapers a day..way more than three. shes moving her bowels at least three times a day... but the thing is, i have to fight her to get her to eat. i dont think ihave a forceful letdown. really all ive seen is my br___ts drip...not squirt... they squirt if theyre ya know, sucked on i guess... ive pumped before...but the dr/pediatrician/la leche lady say that if i only do that my milk will dry up because the human body releases a hormone only when the baby actually sucks...and that the body knows the difference between the pump and the babys mouth... anyway, the problem is, i dont think impositioning her having a really hard time with boppy doesnt seem to be very helpful... she screams and crys and fights me when i try to feed her...i really really have to fight her. im going out of my mind. im trying to go to the la leche meeting tonight but my mother is being absolutely hateful and horrible and doesnt care that im going out of my mind and wont drive me... its once a month so i dont get much more of an option.... i cant handle this for another month. however i am ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED TO b ___stFEED. im not NOT feeding her formula. i know i can do this. my mother has done nothing but discourage me from br___tfeedingbecause its "JUST EASIER" and shes making me feel awful...saying that my milk isnt enough, its not rich enough, shes not eating enough etc. ive just moved here and know no one and have no car of my own just yet.. what can i do??


afireinsideamanda - October 23

ps she has a mild case of thrush which is being treated with medicine right now


alisonelecia - October 23

First of all, pumping will not cause your b___st to dry up - that is absurd! Pumping regularly can actually help more milk come in and if you're really worried about her not getting enough, I would pump and give her a bottle and see how much she takes. Another site to get help is the Medela website. The have a number that you can call and they help you find a lactation specialist in your area. Many specialist will come to your home to help you with b___stfeeding instead of you having to go to a meeting.I got help from them just over the phone and it made a world of difference for me. I don't know the medela number right now, but I'm sure it's on their site medela dot com. As long as your baby is putting on weight and wetting diapers you're doing everything right. Try to relax too because your stress levels can also affect your milk supply. good luck!


lily10 - October 23

Hang in there afireinsideamanda you are still in the very hard demanding begining. For right now you might want to try laying side by side with your baby that is a very easy way to nurse IMO. As far as the pump I am not sure why anyone would have told you that it will make your milk dry up...I pump everyday 3-4 times while I am at work. For now thought instead of pumping I would try and master b___stfeeding, it really does get much easier, I promise!! I am so sorry your mom is being so nonsupporting is there anyone else that can drive you to the meeting? If you are determined you will succeed! Don't give in to your mom's negativity you are doing great. If the baby is putting on weight you are doing something right.


lily10 - October 23

Oh and one more thing, you may want to go to it is the la leche league site and under recourses there is a great mother to mother forum. I have found all kinds of helpful supportive advise there and here too of course.


excited2bemama - October 23

Don't listen to your mom. Breastmilk is absolutely the BEST thing for your baby. keep it up. Just hang in there. It does get some much easier. what the lactation comsultant probably meant is that for some woman only pumping is not adequate to maintain a good supply. For others it is fine. Pumping after a feeding can be benefical to help your body make more milk. BUt the absolute best thing is to have her nurse. LLL is a great resource. theyhave great forums too that you can post questions on. I am not sure what else to say.. hang in there and keep trying. You arte doing a great job.


Val - October 24

Ask your mother to please back off. Let her know that although she may have gotten different advice when she had you, nowadays doctors agree that b___stfeeding is best for your baby. It's your baby and you have the right to bf. Remind her that it's beneficial for the baby, for you, and for your finances, as formula costs a whole lot more. re: weight/latching... if your baby is gaining weight and having enough poops and pees, she is probably getting enough milk. Did you have your baby in a local hospital? I would call them to see if you can go back in for a follow-up lactation consult (I was able to do so several times). Call a cab if you have to! Or call your doctor, or La Leche and ask if they can recommend a consultant to come to your house. A consultant can also weigh your baby before and after feeding to see what she's taking in (if your mom needs more proof.) It's well worth the money to see a consultant if they can help your latch. And don't wait - it's better to work out latch issues sooner rather than later. Hang in there.


afireinsideamanda - October 24

thank you. i think that ill look the medela website up.


maryg - October 24

My baby fussed and fought a bit at first too. I think it was because she wasn't latching on correctly, but like yours, she was gaining weight and had enough dirty diapers but I was still worried. I also had really sore nipples so I kept reading up on latching on and trying different things until we got it right. Once I figured out how to get her to really open her mouth wide enough, she stopped fussing ant it stopped hurting. After a few days I guess she learned how to do it right and I didn't have to coax her to open wide anymore. Also, I didn't find the Boppy very helpful but I LOVED the pillow called "My Brest Friend". Stupid as it sounds, it was really helpful for getting her in position and keeping me comfortable as well. They're not too expensive and I believe you can but them on Target's website. Good luck! I'm sure it'll all work out. Oh, and if your mom is anything like my mom, you'll find that this is not the last time you disagree on baby care! Some of the old ideas about parenting are just plain scary! It's a wonder we turned out as well as we did.



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