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kimj - December 26

my son is going to be 6weeks tomorrow. i am nursing him and have had clog ducts br___t infection and a yeast infection in my nipple. all on the same side, i still tried to nurse him on my left side during all this but is was hard and painful. so he nused alot on my right and now i am getting so much milk on that side that i leak all day and night. i hardly every leak on the left side and my left is never engorged. my right side and been engorged for days. what do i do to balance this out??? also do any of you still leak after months of br___tfeeding? any suggestions would be great.


Christy - December 26

Hi, kimj! Check out these sites: and (remove any dashes.) These links don't answer your questions specifically, but it is good info and further searches on the sites will give you the info you desire. I know it hurts, but try to nurse the left side more if you can. It will help with the plugged duct and mast_tis. I had a plugged duct a coupe of weeks ago and I felt that nursing, heat, and ma__sage really helped. Also, if you cannot nurse on the left, can you pump on the left while you nurse on the right side? As for the other question, my son is 7 weeks old and I do not find myself to be as leaky as in the earlier weeks. I have read that after a few months, the leaking and engorgement will diminish. I feel like it already is for me, except in the morning when I wake up. Hope you feel better soon!


C - December 26

I would always nurse her on the left side first and maybe pump as well on the left side only. That way you will start producing more on that side too. I do also have a left b___st that produces an ounce or two more no matter what I do and I never had problems as you did.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 27

I am not sure if I leak. I wear b___st pads all the time just incase. I don't wanna even risk it just yet! I wore them the whole time I b___stfed my daughter, and for about 2 weeks after till the milk had dried up.


Leeah - December 29

As "C" said always start out with the effected side first. This will increase the supply there while diminishing the chance of more problems with plugged ducts. The leaking is different for each person, but usually decreased a lot by the 3rd or 4th month. Keep your chin up, everything will be OK.


April - December 30

Always nurse on your "bad" side first. As for leaking... my guy is 5 1/2 months and my one side sill leaks everytime I nurse on the other side. It is better than it was though. I'm hoping soon it will stop all together. I just want to say how great it is that you are still nursing. I have had plugged ducts and they are horrible. When we try to do too much our bodies tell us to slow down. I'm better at reading the signals now and can catch things like that before they get really bad. You are doing great!


C - December 30

I've never had a plugged duct. Does it feel like your b___st do when they are engorged?


Christy - December 30

Worse- it feel like your b___st is engorged and on fire.



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