Help She Stopped Taking The Bottle

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tish212 - January 18

ok my lo is a month old and has never shown nipple confusion...she could go from br___t to bottle to bippy(pacifier) but as of last nite she decided to stop taking her bottle. it started to worry me b/c she hadn't eaten so I tried to bf her and she went to town eating. she also did it all through the nite she refused her bottle but bf perfectly. and still this morning the same thing...she is also refusing her bippy! so shes being more fussy the normal... do babies just stop taking bottes out of nowhere? and how do I get her back to taking it... since bottle feeding allows dh to help me out...(i checked the milk in the bottle it was fresh and still warm) thanks for any help or advice!


Cevvin - January 18

Try using sugar water or caro syrup ON the nipple, not in the bottle. Or use freshly expressed b___stmilk, still warm and drip it on the nipple and give it to her that way. Also try to figure out if one is flowing faster that the other. Change nipples sizes to fit your b___sts more.


lily10 - January 20

tish, I bet this is a phase. My dd went through so many different phases. She definitely refused the bottle on several occasions. What worked for me was to give the bottle while she was half asleep. I bet this phase will pa__s but it may take a week or so... just be glad she is refusing the bottle and not your b___st. Sounds like she just wants her mama! Don't worry I bet she will take her bottle again, you could try to give her a bottle once a day when she is more relaxed. Good luck!!


KOGreer - February 3

My son occasionally (once every few days) took a bottle of pumped milk for about 4 weeks when he was first born. Then overnight he refused the bottle, and we haven't been able to give him one since. He is now 7 months. We tried BM, formula, juice, different nipples, different bottles...everything, and no luck. I hope you don't have the same problem as me! He also woke up one morning and weaned himself off the pacifier. Fine by me. I hope he doesn't decide to wean himself off me now too!


tish212 - February 5

she still refuses the bottle...we tried some syrup...some sugar...some flat soda... some milk on the outside..I mean weve exhausted every idea we can and still she just refuses to take it...she will let u stick it in her mouth but she just sits there won't suck or latch to it at all...but she takes the b___st perfectly she has even taught herself how to grab onto me and move herself to find the nipple...(like when I set her on her boppy pillow and am getting ready to bring her to the b___st she already has her hands to it and is finding it with her mouth....crazy!) but she won't take the bottle...and this has made it hard for us to do anything we can't have her babysat for very long and when we take her out we have to be quick so we can get home and feed her.... we tried buy new bottles and everything and still no luck... I love my dd and I love bf b/c I feel it bonds us but being able to give her a bottle once in a while really helped... ah well better this way then the opposite... thanks for the help though...


KOGreer - February 5

That sounds like exactly what happened with my son. Now if I give him a bottle, he just b__ws into it. Little bugger. Since he is older than your daughter, we have been trying different sippy cups now. He can take a few sips of juice, but nothing that would hold him over for very long. The saving grace for us is that now that he is eating solids I have a little bit more freedom back. My husband can give him cereal and fruit/veggies that will hold him for another few hours. I try and not worry too much that he might be long as I don't do it every day I guess. Good luck. It is so frustrating. Not that I want my son completely weaned, but like you said, it would be nice to have some freedom. And I want to get pregnant again sooner than later, but I don't want to be nursing still while pregnant.



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