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chill24 - November 8

I hope this isnt a really horrible question.....I am 39+ weeks and preparing to hopefully go into labour asap!!!! anyways i really really want pizza and beer when i get outta the hospital but i am planning on br___tfeeding i had a few people shrug there nose at me when i said i wanted to have a few beers as i havent been able to drink for the past 9mths....anybody know if you can drink a couple beers or what???


amb5879 - November 8

Don't feel bad about wanting a beer, I was the same way! I was told by my lactation nurse that one beer an hour is okay to have if you are bfing. So if you have one beer that you need to wait at least an hour before you bf your lo again. Hope this helps. CHEERS!!!! :-)


chill24 - November 8

Phew thanks!!! I am looking forward to that beer! Even if its just one i am happy! =)


excited2bemama - November 8

beer is actually supposed to boast your milk supply... something about the yeast in it or something?? ANyways I have had a beer every now and then.. never more than one but my lo has always been fine.


chill24 - November 9

pump n dump eh?!?! And that is safe for the baby???


amb5879 - November 9

I have done the whole pump and dump thing too if I have had too many. As long as you have back up b___stmilk or formula you're fine. I waited to have more than one beer until I had built up a supply of b___st milk just incase I did have to pump and dump.


JessC531 - November 9

I've read that pump and dump is actually pointless. You just have to wait an hour or two (per drink) for the alcohol to leave your system, and then it won't be in the milk anymore either. So the only reason to pump and dump is if you can't wait because you're engorged.


Jen - November 9

I am a very nervous person, if it were me I would pump and dump.


lily10 - November 11

I too read that pump and dump is pointless. Both Dr. Jack Newmans site as well as Kelly Mom (two very insightful reliable b___stfeeding sites) both say that pumping and dumping is only to keep up your supply and that just like alcohol leaves your blood stream it leaves your BM. So if you have one or two beers or gla__ses of wine after you LO is asleep and you then just go to bed instead of pumping you should be fine. I don't pump and dump but I don't drink a ton either maybe one gla__s of wine or two and believe me that is enough.


sailboatchick - December 14

Pumping and dumping won't do anything. Very little milk is actually stored in your b___sts. The milk is a direct reflection of your blood alcohol level. So within 2 hours of having a drink, as long as it's just one, the milk is OK for baby.


wailing - December 16

I've heard same about pumping and dumping. Pointless. I just waited the alotted time per drink. I would definitely not INDULGE TOO MUCH haha...but a few beers here and there aren't bad. When I was in Europe I would see women b'feeding at restaraunts while drinking wine w/ lunch haha. I must say though, I never drank while b'feeding in the beginning, until ds was a few months, just b/c I was paranoid, but after that I was okay w/ it and just waited for the alcohol to clear.


Roz - December 20

Not too long ago i had to take an iodine pill for a scan. I was told by a team of doctors to pump/dump for 48 hours. So it obviously wasn't pointless for such a situation. I don't drink beer but if I did I probably would put it on hold just to be safe, lol.


wailing - December 20

I just re-read my post and realized it sounded like I advocated drinking and b'feeding. I really don't drink often and when I do, very small amts:-) And I waited til ds was at least 4 months b/c I was so scared. But, I didn't pump and dump after the first few times unless I was engorged. Mostly, I just waited it out b/c ds was already asleep so it would be 10 hrs anyway. (there that sounds better haha!!)



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