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tish212 - October 11

ok br___tfeeding is something I've always wanted to do with my kids...and now that I am 7months (28w4d) I am becoming more curious/worried about how uncomfortable it will be. So basically my question is how bad does it hurt...does the pain last or go away and if it hurt too much does a nipple sheild really help with the pain? I do not wish to formula feed my child since bf'ing has so many benefiets I just want to know what to expect...and how long should I bf for? sorry to sound well dumb but I don't know at all everyone I know that haskids uses formula...and through fostercare I can only offer the newborns we get formula... so I've never been in this situation...I am very sensative in the nipple area and I guess that's why I'm worried.... thanks for ur help and sorry if I sound retarded here....


slackette - October 11

Don't worry, you don't sound retarded! Every first time mother wonders the same exact thing (I know I did). All I can say is that even with the perfect latch, b___stfeeding can hurt for the first few weeks. With the wrong latch it can be REALLY painful though. When my LO would latch wrong I would know it immediately b/c it hurt so much more than just the ache of your nipples beginning to get used to nursing. I would recommend a b___stfeeding cla__s, asking the nurses in the hospitals to help with b___stfeeding, and if its available in the hospital getting a session with a lactation consultant. Even if its not available, I hear they are not too expensive out of pocket, so maybe just go to one within days of leaving the hospital. I really didn't want to formula feed so I toughed it out even when my nipples were SUPER sore. Then one day after a few weeks of b___stfeeding I was nursing and realized that it totally didn't hurt anymore! Also, your milk might take a few days to come in and your LO will be SO hungry at first. Don't worry (unless the pediatrician tells you to). All babies lose weight at first b/c all you are giving is colostrum. Also, I don't know how sensitive your nipples are, but you may want to try without a nipple shield at first. It can be hard to get the baby off of the shield if they are used to it (but not impossible, there is a thread on the third trimester about the nipple shield). As for how long you should b___stfeed, that is a personal choice. Any amount of time on b___stmilk is good for the baby and I know that the world health organization recommends 2 years. I am planning on 9-12 months, but thats just me. I have met mothers that have b___stfed just for the first couple of weeks to pa__s on healthy antibodies from colostrum, and other mothers that are going on year 4....Good luck, and remember that this forum is always here when you get discouraged. It really has helped me through the whole pregnancy and b___stfeeding too!


DB - October 12

For me, I never let my dd stay on with a bad latch. That makes it worse, but yes, even with a perfect latch your nipples must "toughen up". That can take a few weeks, but once that initial toughing up happens it's painless!! And it's hard at first, but it does get fantastically easy (easier than bottle feeding in my opinion). I truly wish I could've made it to 12 months, but my dd is 8.5 months and we've just weaned due to low supply (from working full time)...that choice is truly up to you. AAP says 12 months, WHO says 2 years. I know a lot of people who think 6 months is plenty, so why go longer, but I think once you're in the situation you'll know when you want to stop. Honestly, I LOVED bf, especially once the baby is 2-3 months old when it gets much easier, they take less time to's just such a good bonding experience. Buy plenty of PureLan nipple cream and that will help soothe your nipples...Those gel pads help too with soothing. Good luck...and like slackette said make sure the nurses and LC consulatants help you at first! I read SOOOO much about bf but after 14 hours of labor I was so out of it I had no clue what the heck to do!!!


tish212 - October 12

thank u both soo much...I was nervous that I would come off sounding iggnorant. I have never had any desire to formula feed...and my dh is 100% behind bf because he has been researching all its benefiets. I really want that bonding experience as thank u both again... :)


DB - October 12

Good Luck and enjoy your baby!


slackette - October 12

Thanks for reminding me DB about the soothing gel pads. I used those too and they helped. I also would use a heating pad when they felt like they were going to explode from engorgement and freezer packs after a feed when they were sore....that REALLY helpled with the pain for the first 2 weeks. And DB is right, NEVER let him stay on with a bad latch (its so painful its almost impossible to do). Good luck!!


wailing - October 12

U don't sound dumb at all. I've also got sensitive nipples and was nervous about b'feeding. But, from day 1 we had no problems w/ latching and it NEVER hurt. That's not to say it was perfect all the time but, it's def not as bad as many storied u read:-) I would go to a Le Leche League meeting or at least get the book so u can read up on what to expect. There is alot to know and it can get confusing. I read alot and asked my friends tons of questions. I'm 16wks pp now and still get confused but it's wonderful and so worth it!! Good Luck to u:-)


pregnantjackie - October 16

In my opinion it doesn't. When my son was born I just gave him formula for a couple of days. I was sure b___stfeeding was going to hurt so bad. When I was feeling a little better from my section and my bm came in I nipple confusion, pain, nothing. So it isn't bad for everyone.


LaurenMerf - October 18

The best advise I can give is for you to get this book: "So that's what they're for!" I was terrified about b___stfeeding before I read this book. It was so helpful that it the #1 gift I give at baby showers. I will say this - I am a red-head and have fair skin, which makes me more sensitive. Honestly, for the first week, I had to scream into a pillow everytime my daughter latched on...but in retrospect, it was nothing. I got over it quickly. Look for some b___st balm - it's like a thick vasiline, and really helps sooth between feedings. Also, they make these great b___st "pillows" filled with gel that you can refrigerate or microwave...I had two sets. They really helped, too. You may have a completely different experience, but just remember, it's one of the BEST things that you can do for your baby!


slackette - October 18

I agree with LaurenMurf....I had that book and it was great. I also had the "b___st pillows" thing and I couldn't live without them for the first 2 weeks!


tish212 - October 18

thank u all so much this may be tmi but it was worrying me more because when me and the hubby have s_x I can't even bare for him to touch my b___sts...which sucks for him cuz he's a b___st man... I noticed it hurt really bad once I entered my 3rd tri thanks for the advice on the book I love to read..the best book I've found so far is " the girlfriends guide to pregnancy" it has helped m so much with things no one ever tells u. I am def excited and can't wait to share the bonding experience of bf'ing with my lo... thanks again!



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