How Can I Increase My Milk Supply

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KDF - December 3

Hi all, I am pumping and bottle feeding my ds as I was not comfortable br___tfeeding. Too paraniod that he wasn't eating enough and he had a lot of trouble latching. Anyways he gets formula and br___tmilk. I have rented the medela double eletric pump and I try to pump every three hours, basically when ever he eats. When I pump I get 1.5oz out of one br___t and 1oz out of the other which is not enough to fill him which is why I am using formula as well. Is there any way to increase my milk supply. DS is 17 days old. Many thanks. Kim


Emmie - December 4

Pumping is never as effective as nursing. You may not like this idea but the best thing is too not give him a bottle and anytime he fusses nurse him. When pumping you get about half of what your baby can get so that means he aactually gets about 5 ozs a feeding which is a pretty good amount. Also as long as he is sucking you continue to produce more milk. Good luck-also I would check around and see if there is any LaLache groups where you are. The most common place would be at a WIC meeting.


excited2bemama - December 4

I agree.. since your lo is so little your b___sts need the actual baby nursing to stimulate you and build your supply. other than that you can try Fenugreek tea, and oatmeal (not together)


cayingo - December 8

Breastfeeding is as simple as supply and demand. The more demand you (or your baby ) put on your b___sts, the more milk you will supply.


chill24 - December 18

Im not really sure if you people are able to read or not but KDF was not asking if nursing is better than actual BF. My baby will not latch and we've had a big struggle with trying to nurse i used a shield it worked but what a pain in the b___t...In the past two days i have decided to go to pumping and bottle feeding. My milk supply has already gone down so now i just pump every hour and combine it all to get enough milk. Try get a bottle a head of your little one. Dont listen to these people who try and force bfing. You are feeding your baby and doing what works for you and that is what is important!!! Good job KDF


Emmie - December 18

You can buy tea that is supposed to increase your milk supply at Vitamin World or GNC. ALso drinking lots of water and eating oatmeal helps.


myamazinggrace - January 20

My doctor recommended Fenugreek - Its a spice. Check it out on La Leche League web site. You can get it at health food stores.



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