How Do I Increase My Supply

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torbman - April 30

Does anyone know how to increase your supply before the baby is born? This is my third child. First one I didn't have enough and babe lost weight, second, she was tongue tied and this one I really want to make a go of it. Does anyone know how I can make sure there is enough milk there? please help.


Susan W - April 30

Fluids, rest, nursing LOTS from practically the minute the baby is born. Nursing is what makes your milk come in and sets the amount you make. It's a supply/demand thing. Seriously, your job is to nurse the new baby. Get in bed, have someone else look after everything else and bring you fluids and healthy foods. Nurse on demand with lots of skin to skin contact. I also drank Mother's Milk tea, which I think helped get it going. Also, check into your local nursing support, as in lactation consultants and La Leche League, so if you run into problems, someone can help you ASAP. I personally think b___stfeeding success has a lot to do with how determined you are to do it, barring physical problems, and if you want to, you can make it happen. Good luck :)


torbman - April 30

Thanks Susan, I need all the encouragemnet I can get. Although its my third I am still kinda nervous. I really want to make it work. Especailly since the pregnancy was soooo unexpected in the first place.. husband had operation 3 years ago. Didn't work and now we are on our third. We feel blessed though. thanks again.


Susan W - May 1

Good luck. Seriously, start getting your support staff in place now before the baby comes. Check into LLL and even attend a few meetings before you have the baby (children are welcome) and/or find some LCs you can call and have a consultation with beforehand. See if the hospital/birth center has lactation a__sistance to come help you right after the birth. Read everything you can find. That way, you won't be so surprised at how hard it can be -- I literally thought every day for the first 8 weeks about quitting, and here we are still nursing 20 months later -- and you will have some tips and tricks for dealing with the ups and downs. Çongratulations on the surprise baby!! Wow!



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