How Do I Stop Breast Feeding My One Year

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anna - August 27

Hi I have been exclusively br___t feeding,and have enjoyed every minute of it,but due to my son biting my nipple whilst feeding I would like to discontinue. I have tried to give him a bottle but he wont take it and I have also tried to give him milk out of a feeding cup but he refuses this as well.


keily - July 11

Hello, i've got the same problem. However, i want to stop because i'm returning to work. I've tried everything and my little girl just won't drink from anything but me...


monique - July 12

incase you have another child here is some advice do not just b___st feed use the bottle to sometime use bottle others use b___st


April - August 5

I had the same problem but I want to stop because my daughter i 14 months and I disagree that you b___st fed too long, I stopped cod turkey and she cried a little the first day but after that I didn't have a problem


lisa - August 27

I have the solution!!! Ive b___st fed all three of my children. The first born around a year only b___st fed at night to get herslef to sleep. Then contiuned this till about fifteen months. When one night she fell asleep and dint ask for it. So the next night we did the same thing and when she asked i said your a big girl now and that was it. Pretty much simple. My second child loved food. She pretty much wouldnt take the b___st after a while. She weened herself at about a year and just never looked back, so i dint offer either. Now my third son i just weened four days ago. He lasted the longest 16 months. One night he fell alseep and dint ask for it, so that was it for him too. I think the trick is...not to wait too long, ive heard some people go as far as 2 or 3 years of age. But right around a year and half seemed best for me. try using a sippy cup with a straw. Kids around eight months old can drink from a straw easily. Do this while only b___st feeding at night interducing more foods. Give her one more month to get used to the idea, and if a night goes by when she doesnt ask for it anymore. CUT her off. When they ask for it...offer something else, even playing till they are too tired to sit up works, this keeps theyre mind off the normal ruiteen and offeres a night without it.


Jackie T - November 4

I think you have do a great job feeding your son and don't think its too long - I am just weening my daughter at 14 month just now with much the same problems. She will drink with a straw and a spouted cup now after four days of the b___st being out of bounce! It's certainly not her favourite but she is getting there slowly - good luck and persevere!


Dawn - November 10

weening (i hate that word) is so hard at any age. My son was one when we stopped, and I don't believe you waited too long at all. Try slowly decreasing the durations of feedings as you add other food to his diet. We got it down to only at night and just before nursing time I would feed him rice cereal with applesauce and he decided on his own (along with A LOT of cuddling) that cereal was all he wanted before bed. Good luck!


Carrie Smith - January 5

My daughter is two weeks from her first birthday and she still nurses I don't feel that there is anything wrong with b___stfeeding till 15 abd 16 months old the longer they nurse the healthier they areand I love the bond I have with her but there are some draw backs to it not having freedom and weightI feel like a fat cow and my daughter wakes up wanting to nurse like she's still 2 or 3 months old I'm not sure what to do she screams for it everytime she gets sleepy!!!!!


Nikki - January 5

My mother-in-law is a Certified Lactation Consultant and this is the advice she gave to me to give a friend in the same shape. Have someone besides yourself give the baby his bottle, preferably while you are not in the room. Give small bottles at first, and not when he's very hungry. Also don't try bottles when he's tired, or sick and in need of the comfort of the b___st. Your baby can smell your milk, and a__sociates you with the b___st, this is why it is better for someone else to do this. The baby is more likely to accept the bottle if he's not very hungry or in need of the comfort only you can provide. I hope this helps.


Stephanie - January 13

I think b___stfeeding your baby is the best thing you can do for them.Breast milk is so much better than formula could ever be. Someone once told me that there was a study done in Australia with some where around 100 babies who were b___stfed and who weren't. They watched these kids for 21 years!! They found that b___stfed babies got sick less often, are smarter/did better in school, and are overall healthier. If you can b___stfeed 12-18 months that would be best. I'm b___stfeeding my 9 month old son and I'm doing good. I know its hard sometimes, but I keep reminding myself how great it is for him. I want him to be healthy and happy. For the b___stfeeding mom's who are having problems with your baby when they start biting I have some tips. When your baby starts to bite you, stop the feeding momentarily and let him/her chew on something (it helps alot if its something chilled in the refridgerator). Sometimes a frozen fruit is good, like a pear slice, or a DOLE fruit popsicle, or even teething biscuits/cookies.If you're not comfortable with giving any of those,, a lil bit of ice is good too, or a teething ring. You can also use some teething gel. After they chew on something until they seem to feel better, go right back to b___stfeeding. It may take more than a few times but usually they will eventually learn not to bite. By stopping as soon as they bite you and let them chew on something else, and then going back to the b___st again, they're learning its not okay to bite on you. Really try not to get frustrated and scold your baby. This won't help. Heres a site to check out:


jasmine - January 14

how long dose it take when you stop brestfeeding


LaShawn - January 24

I have a friend who decided to continue nursing past one year. She is having a problem in regards to pumping. She is on such a routine, that she is still pumping but wants to stop. She feels very guilty about stopping. How can she get past that stage?


Amelia'smom - January 25

To answer the pumping question...I stopped pumping when my daughter was 9 months and I just stopped one day. It is uncomfortable for a little bit and then your body adjusts.


Angela - February 4

My little girl is 18 months and I am having a heck of a time trying to get her off the b___b. She absolutely refuses. I can't go anywhere overnight without her as I never did pump. Someone told me to give her a cup of milk at bedtime but she still wants the b___b after that. And I have not had a night yet where she doesn't wake up and want a drink. Help?


milans mom - February 9

I have the same problem with my 13 month old daughter she wont stop,one time at was at a local shopping store and she tried to woop out my b___st .Idont know what to do to stop b___stfeeding her.I think its time ,


Karolyn - February 14

Iam trying to wean also. My son is 15 and half months. He takes a cup at daycare or from whomever watches him,but won't take it from me. I don't pump any more I stopped that a while. good luck it's hard.


Maleficent - February 15

there is a website called that has alot of great advice on gentle weaning for baby and mom.



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