How Do I Stop Breast Feeding My One Year

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Maleficent - February 15

there is a website called that has alot of great advice on gentle weaning for baby and mom.


Tisha - February 16

Hello, My daughter is 6months is it to early to take her off the b___st?


Kerry - March 3

I have the same problem with my 13 month old. I am now 6 weeks pregnant too and so want to stop b___stfeeding. I have been advised to offer milk in his food ie milk puddings,cheese sauces, cereal etc. I think he needs a minimum of 12oz a day which seems a lot to get in to his diet but he point blank refuses to drink milk from a beaker so I don't have much choice!


Angela - March 3

My son is nine months old and because of his six very sharp teeth I have decided to stop b___st feeding. It is a gradual ongoing process and so far so good, we are both happy. I pump once a day in the morning but will probably stop soon. I b___st feed him at night still because he hates the bottle at night but I am slowly planning to replace each night feeding with rocking him to sleep. I started two months ago by giving him a bottle with pumped milk. I learned two important things getting a fast flow nipple made a huge difference because the milk comes out so easy he realized what was in there and therefore wanted to suck. The second is the new playtex avance wide bottles, he drinks from them just like he is nursing. After a month he was drinking from the bottle quite happily we just need to erase the night feedings and we will have success1


Kathy - March 5

I nursed both my first two for a year. I cut down one feeding a month, replacing it with a meal or snack, until I was down to one feeding before bedtime. They did cry the first time I put them to nap without it, but after a few minutes, fell asleep without it. After doing just the one feeding for a month, I just put them to bed without it one night, and that was it. By then, they weren't taking much anyway, so I never had any problems with leaking or discomfort. Neighter had had a bottle of pumped milk in months, so I simple switched to cups. A friend had Daddy put the kids to bed as they weaned, as they couldn't get it from him! As for stopping at 6 months, best to go longer, but fine to stop now. The good you have done for your baby will stay with her all her life.


LaShante' - March 7

Hi Anna I am in the process of weening my daughter who is now 12 months old. We have made it to three days without nursing and she is doing great. She has replaced it with lots of cuddle time. It is wonderful to hold her in my arms while singing and rocking and her talking and singing with me. I enjoyed nursing to the fullest and I will do it again Lord willing when we have another. I do not feel like you have waited to long and I believe 12 months is a great amount of time for a child to have b___st milk. I started my daughter on a sippy cup at 6 months drinking water because I wanted to get her used to the cup. She did not like it at first but she slowly started to like it. She would only use it at lunch time! Now she uses it all day long! Her doctor told me to slowly replace one nursing with a cup of milk and wait at least three days and then take away another one adding something new each time! My daughter did not like cows milk at first (2%) but I found that putting an ICE CUBE in the cup with the milk works wonders! She loves the milk if it is cold which is weird because b___st milk is luke warm!! Who knows but it worked. I also know that distraction is the key when weening! Extra time playing, reading, dancing, or whatever it is your little one loves to do is the key! The thing that I am wondering is how to relieve the pressure on myself! My b___st have started to adjust to the change but I will say it is very uncomfortable the first two days. Good Luck and God Bless you for loving your child this much to do what is best for him!


Courtney - March 9

See if he likes apple juice or something sweet. Then put it in the sippy cup, get him use to thinking that is where the juice is. Then switch it and give him milk. I understand your concerns I just sucessfully weened my 18 month old. I was one of the hardest things that I have ever done. The beginning is hard but its rewarding when you see that you child can stand on his own. It may take some crying and some fit pitching but it will end.


vanessa - March 9

I don't understand why we change human b___st milk for cows milk? Humans are the only species who drinks the milk of another species. I know its because we are programmed to do so (U.S. economy depends on it), but its not good for your baby. Lactos intolerant exists because its not natural. When giving your baby a sipping cut, either pump and give them your human milk or soy milk. 8 )!


Claudia - March 15

Hi , My baby is starting solid food now and I would like to know how long l will give her the cereal after she had her b___stfeeding


waidz - March 16

I just weened my son off b___stfeeding a few days ago with a radical idea but it worked - I put plasters on both my nipples and told him that my b___sts were sore ! I do however give him a bottle of Nido growing milk before he goes to bed and in the day time when he is sleepy and it works like a charm. He doesn't wake up at night and is actually in a better mood since being off the b___st milk. He is 24 months !! Just as a note I b___stfeed my eldest son up until age 3 - both my sons are 100% in good health and not as susceptible to illness as other kids I know who were bottle-fed.


Corean - April 15

My son is 22 months, and I am ready to stop b___stfeed. So if you can quit while your ahead.I'm a single mother raising him by myself, and am doing the best that I can.


Debbie - April 24

First, awesome job! You gave your son the best start in life! My son is 16 months old and still nurses once a day and throughout the night. It does get tiresome... There are reasons your son may be bitting, 1) He may be teething and this time in particular may be worse for him which can result in bitting, 2) As a baby grows sometimes your milk comes out to slow for their growing hunger, try to ma__sage your glands around your b___st as he feeds this will quicken the supply, 3) If you have changed and or added anything to your diet or become pregnant your milk may have changed in flavor resulting in confusion on behalf of your son. Otherwise...if you would rather just quit like many have said offer yummy but nutritious snacks and losts of one on one attention as the transition will be difficult but during the attention KEEP BUSY as a distraction! For bedtime ask Dad or whoever else is involved in your childs life to be the step in for putting your son to bed. This is what we did. It was three nights of considerable crying for about 20 minutes but my son had his next favorite person holding him the entire time, his Dad. So he was not left alone to cry it out in anyway as we do not believe in that. Our problem is now the our 16 month old still gets up about 6 times a night! My husband deals with it until 6am when he leaves for work and after 6am I have to go in at which point he will ONLY nurse to go back down...hope some of this helped!


Dawn - April 28

Hi Anna, I'm a mother of 2 boys and b___stfed both. My youngest is 16 months and I am slowly weening him. He only wants it when he's ready for nap or to go down for the night. He has bitten me before and I solved that problem with a strong "NO, that hurts mommy." I "closed up shop" and stood him up on his feet. I got up off the bed and started to fold laundry. For the first three seconds, he was bewildered...becuase it happened so fast. Then, he started to cry and reach for me. I picked him up promptly and cuddled him and told him I loved him. I waited until he calmed down before I started to nurse again. He only bit me one time after that and I reacted the same way. He got the message and doesn't bite anymore. As for weening him from the b___st, the milk doesn't satisfy him as a meal anymore, so he's wanting it as comfort, which is probably true for your little guy. The bottle and sippy cup don't work in that situation because they don't taste, feel or smell like Mommy. I find that once I get my little guy good and sleepy, I can get him to drift off while snuggling on my shoulder (away from my b___sts). I whisper and coo to him and that seems to help. Also, try filling your little guy up with something warm and creamy before bed. Mine likes about a cup of oatmeal, cream of wheat and even (while it's not warm), yogurt. Good luck with your precious little one!


Loren - May 4

My son started cutting teeth at 4 months. Of course, this was an obstacle. I asked my pediatrician and he said to make a noise whenever he did this so it would be distinctive to him. At the same time, he said for me to slip my finger inside of his mouth, nect to his cheek, as to gently pry his mouth open. It is a natural instict for him to open his mouth. So, in combination with a louder than normal "ouch" and my finger touching the inside of his cheek, he caught on quickly and it was then resolved. He learned that if I made this sound and did that with my finger that his feeding was going to be interrupted, which he did not like. Good luck!!!


Feather - May 5

I have a freind who's baby will not take a bottle or drink milk from a bottle and she really wants to stop b___stfeeding cause of different chioces. How can i help her?


kirsti - May 6

I am in the same position and would be interested in hearing any responses.



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