How Do I Stop Breast Feeding My One Year

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kirsti - May 6

I am in the same position and would be interested in hearing any responses.


Jenny - May 20

Im trying aswell, but i think we need to remember that emotoinaly and physically its best for them if they want it, even though it can be areal bummer sometimes!


Laurie - May 29

I really don't have an answer as much as I have a question! I have started weening my 11 month old and we are down to just the night feeding. Last night he fell asleep before we got to the other b___st. So now the ONE side is HUGE and Painful to touch. Do I just deal withthis pain? or let him nurse a few minutes. I don't want to start any bad habits!


Anna - May 31

My second child wouldn't take formula or a bottle. I ended up b___stfeeding until she was nine months, and then switching to a cup. The pediatrician said milk wasn't the best option so early, but it was OK in an emergency (I needed to have surgery and the medication involved wasn't safe while b___stfeeding). She's fine.


susan - June 2

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have a year old son that sill nurses, do I have to stop b___st feeding, if I don't stop will I have problems with me being pregnant.


Laurie - June 2

One method that worked for me was I applied "Thum" (Brandname of stop nailing biting ointment) to my nipple area. It worked like a charm! My doctor and the pharmacist both said it was safe for the baby/toddler. My daughter was 2 and I had tried everything. Good luck to all!


Karolyn - June 3

I plan on weening my 19 month old, He only gets fed at night. I plan to do this when on vacation next week because i fear i'll be up all night, if any body as suggestion feel free to share. If I work it out some how i"ll share thanks.


Karolyn - June 14

HI everyone, I typed last week that I was going to stop the night feeding and be done with b___st feeding on my vacation I'm happy to say its been going very well.My last feeding was on Thursday night my son slept through the night. When I came home with him he had a crying fit but I didn't give up everytime he came near me I would give him the cup or ask if he wanted something to eat. That night I rocked him sleep with no or very little fuss, he slept through the night again. It has been 4 nights and five days and no b___stfeeding. He will be 20 months this weekend, he was ready this time I have been trying to stop b___stfeeding since he turned one.When I look back I feel my son was not ready. If you feel your child is not ready wait. My problem was I was listening to everyone elese but not him or my motherly instinct. I knew this time he was ready because he would feed then want the cup and drink from the cup. I just helped him make up his mind. Your b___st will hurt really bad for a couple of days then slowly the pain gets better, I took tylnol and iced them. Good luck.


C - June 14

I introduced the bottle my son was 2 weeks because I knew I was going back to work at 6 weeks. I now just nurse him b4 work and after work. I pump every 3 hours at work and before I go to bed. If that's not enough food, then we use formula. I would suggest trying to feed him/her from a bottle (sippy cup may be better for a 1 year old) during the day when they aren't as hungry/crabby. Don't try the first or night time feeding until later. Slowly start giving them more bottles/sippy cups as they will take it. It's going to be hard to cut cold turkey. Another idea is to get them to drink from a sippy cup during the day with juice because that is something different and it's like a treat. Then maybe they'll eventually switch to milk or formula. When my sister stopped her night time feeding she would tell her she'd be back and she'd keep saying I'll be there in a minute. Eventually my niece would fall asleep. After a night or two she stopped asking for it. The trick is not to tell them "no, you can't have that". Just some thoughts!


miller - June 17

I had the same problem and the answer is to dip your nipple into something sour or that has a awful taste to it let your nipple dry then let him suck he will cry but he will not suck it do this every time he wants a drink soon he will not want your nipple. I broke my one year old this way and it works.


tony - June 24

Hi everyone! I am the mother of my third little girl who is about to turn one! I didn't nurse my first two, because I was made to feel uncomfortable and had no support. (this is my 2nd marriage) The wonderful man I am with now has been so supportive and helpful that I was very successful at b___stfeeding. Now I am thinking about weaning and trying to decide when and HOW!!! She still nurses at naptime, and if she gets really upset throughout the day that is the only way to calm her. We also nurse sometimes a couple of times a night. I am trying to find the least traumatic way to wean her and make her a "little" less attatched. She doesn't want a lot to do with anyone but me, although she has gotten a little better in the past month or two.


Alicia - June 28

I am going through the same thing!! It has been really hard. My daughter is 13 months old and dont listen to the person who said you had b___st-fed too long. We are doing the best thing for our children and it hard!! My daughter is eating table food and only nursed at night and in the morning. I wish you the best of luck and I will pray for you and your son.


C - June 28

Now that my son is 2 months I nurse first thing and last thing. I'm thinking about just pumping because I don't want to go through the pain of weaning him when he is older. I think it'll be a lot easier to wean him now. Actually, I think I may wait till he's between 4-6 months and then pump until he's a year.


Karolyn - June 29

Thankyou for your support, my son his is off the b___st and doing wonderfully, if your child seems like they don't want to stop b___stfeeding maybe they are'nt ready. I stressed my self out for months if I just payed attention to my sons clues I would of realized that he wasnot ready. Now he sleeps through the night and if he wakes up its not long before he goes back to sleep, sometimes I go and check on him and rub his back. good luck.


Laura - July 2

My son is 9 monthsand he has much allways had a bit of brest and bottle but now iam trying to take him off breat cause he is bitting me. the thing is tho me and my husband dont want to hear him scream and at the moment he is in his pram at mo, being pused by daddy all round the village, is this a good way to go or are we just setting ourselves up for more screamin in future?????? two very concerned parents, one very maternaly upset mother. thanks


Tracy - July 2

Please do not dictate to others when they should stop nursing!



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