How Do I Stop Breastfeeding My Daughter

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Eunique - January 26

My 1year old is still br___tfeeding at nap time & at bedtime. My husband cant really help me with this because he goes to work at odd times.So i'm pretty much doing it all by myself. my question is , Is there an easy way to wean her off of me? please help!


Cevvin - January 26

Does she take a bottle or a sippy cup at any other times?


K - January 28

My dd is the same way. I'd like help with this too. I work weekdays, so she will nap without me. On weekends unless I leave the house or hide in another room she wants me at naptime, and at night, there is no way she will go down without me first if I am anywhere in the house. The doctor said not to rush her and she would wean herself between 15-18 mths, but she hasn't. Other than that, she has been only on sippy cups and has not had a bottle at all since she was 9 months old. She gave up a pacifier at 6 months.


Liz123 - January 29

Hi, i have some experience with this. First of all you can go cold turkey, witch means go to a bottle dont b___stfeed her any more atleast not at the times when you dont want her too, but you have to continu. The first couple of days she might push it away but its a matter of putting threw! She will drive you nuts but it will work eventually second of all its also with the bottle you start with b___stfeeding and then after a couple of minutes give her the bottle, continu to do that, its a trick. Your basiclly just switching and if she doesn't noticed your doing it right. Its really a matter of time. If this doesn't work let me know. If you wanna stop giving her a bottle fully and those times first do one of these things above and then slowly give less till there is nothing left. Give it a try, or go and ask your GP or any body else who could help you with this. Good luck.


eunique - January 29

thank you all for advice to answer some of you question. No she doesn't take a bottle and some time she takes a sippy. Liz123 do Iput brestmilk in the bottle or fresh milk? thank you all for your help Iwill tey them :-)


KOGreer - February 5

Eunique, have you had any luck? My son is 7 months old, and won't take a bottle at all. I would like to wean him soon so I can try to get pregnant again (I don't want to be pregnant and BFing at the same time)


Eunique - February 6

Kogreer I am sad to say I am having no luck at all She is being very dificult but if i were you I would keep trying b-cuz he is still young GOOD LUCK!!!


mizmarissa - February 10

I'm not sure if you've had any luck yet but my oldest (now 2 1\2) was still b___stfeeding only at nap time and bedtime when he was one year too. I thought he would NEVER stop. People told me to be patient but its easier said then done. Then literally one day (he was around 14 months) he just stopped. He really didn't have an interest in it. So if I were you I would just try to give it some time.


countrymom401 - February 12

my ds will be one in 2 weeks. He only nurses at bed time and first thing in the morning. I weaned him from his nap time one about 2 weeks ago. I have never given him a bottle and really don't want to have to wean him from that too. I have found a sippy cup that looks like a sports bottle with a spout. I give him so warm homo milk in that before I put him down for his nap. He goes down awake and falls asleep on his own. In the morning he doesn't nurse much at night though he still nurses ks out of a regular cup but to relax him I rock him with the sippy. I put him down when he starts to push it away. He goes down awake and falls asleep on him own. Other then that I give him Homo milk with 2 meals and he gets yougart and cheese and sometimes cream of wheat for breakfast with has alot of milk. My doc told me that as long as you give another source of milk for every nursing session you take away. I plan to have him completely weaned at about 13 months. I will drop the morning one in a week or so now and the last one at night in about a month. He doesn't seem to interested in nursing right now so I think that the time is right. If you do not want to have to wean off a bottle start giving her a cup now and get her more used to that before you start. My husband has been away at work and I know how hard it is to do it by yourself. Be strong it may take a couple of good cry sessions. Take away the one she seems less interested in first. I hope that some of this was help to you. Good luck and congratulations for nursing for 1 year.


countrymom401 - February 12

Sorry the first half didn't make alot of sense there. I meant to say during the day he drinks out of a regular cup but to relax him I give him the sippy and rock him. When he pushes it away I put he down in his crib and he falls asleep on his own.



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