How Do You Deal With Breastfeeding In Public

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maryg - October 14

I have a 5 week old and have only gotten up the courage to do this a couple times. I threw a baby blanket over my shoulder, which worked ok except for it's a bit hard to discreetly get the baby to latch on. I ordered myself a cute poncho that I'm hoping will work, but I'm wondering if any of you have "hooter hiders" or whatever they call those br___tfeeding capes. On one hand I think they might make me feel more self-conscious since they sort of broadcast what you're doing, but on the other hand I like the fact that the mama can see the baby, which would help with the latching problem and I probably need to get over worrying about anyone knowing what I'm doing. Just hoping someone can share some of their experiences with this. I can't afford to buy a whole wardrobe of nursing shirts!


maryg - October 14

Oh and I do BF in the car before going in somewhere sometimes, but I'm not willing to nurse in public bathrooms!


DB - October 14

Yes, I bf in the car all the time!!! I got a hooter hider when my dd was 4 months old and I wish I would've gotten it sooner! I was always scared the blanket would fall down so I loved that the HH had the strap and you can easily see the baby...HH are especially great when you're travelling (flying) and need to nurse on a plane...And I found nursing shirts to be a pain...I only found a few I liked. And I second the bathroom thing..that always grossed me out...but I did use fitting rooms a couple of times in Macy's and that was easy.


DB - October 14

oops, should say b___st-fed all the time since we just weaned....and btw, it seems so much easier to bf on the go than bottle feed..w.hat a pain it is!


excited2bemama - October 15

If your scroll down a little bit- someone less asked the same thing. The thread is t_tled- nursing in public!!!! :O) There are lots of great responses.


jen327 - October 15

I love my hooter hider!!! Only way I can nurse in public!


maryg - October 16

just got my poncho in the mail and I love it! I'll repost once I try it out in real life.


slackette - October 17

I've done the public restroom thing a few times and it totally SUCKS! I have issues with modesty that I know I have to get over b/c I really never want to nurse standing in a bathroom ever again. I too have done dressing rooms and that is WAY better...I also have done the car a bunch of times. I have a nursing shawl but ds is a latch and un-latch over and over again type of feeder and its difficult manuevering my b___st into his mouth and the shawl for privacy...just haven't figured out how to do it well without giving eveyone a show :)


cayingo - October 18

I NEVER hesitated to bf my DD in public. I also did not use nursing bras. I would just lift my regular bra (b/c I don't wear an underwire this was perfectly copmfortable) up over the top pportion of my b___st and put her on. Where her face ended my shirt came donw to. You could never see any b___st at all. The baby covered my tummy area too. To me it was a lot more inconspicuous that way than trying to disquise what I was doing w/ some sort of prop. I agree w/ not nursing in b'rooms. They are filthy germ-fests. You and your baby deserve to bf in a clean comfortable place. I mean would anyone expect you to eat your meal in a public restroom? I should say NOT! Go public, girl. It's your right to not be captive in your home just b/c your child needs to eat. If people are uncomfortable they don't have to look.


slackette - October 18

LOL cayingo!!! You are so right about nobody expecting me to eat my meal in a public restroom. That really puts it into perspective for me....I am totally making my poor little son eat his meal in a bathroom...yuck! Thank you, I will never do it again!


jen327 - October 19

We had the same issue with latching and unlatching. The hooter hider allows you to see the baby and it is just like you don't have it on. So I can put it back in and he can look up at me while he nurses, and no one else can see.


Val - October 20

LOL... I don't even like changing my ds in a public bathroom, much less feeding him there! :-)


mtnla__s - October 31

I've found a way to make cheap nursing clothes. I did buy a few nice ones for more important outings but I either use regular tshirts pulled up with a b___ton down the front sweater/jacket or my cheap $5 trick. Walmart was having a sale on tshirts so I grapped a couple of matching sets, cut the sleeves off one and increased the arm size and then cut the front of the other straight up the middle but not thru the neck line. Tshirt material doesn't unravel so no need to sew. Just pull the arm hole past nipple and your body is covered. I have found that you can make due with your normal wardrobe just by modify a few things. Wear a big arm hole tank top under another shirt, a vest over a shirt with slits cut out over the b___st. Get a motherwear catalog and use their ideas on your own clothes. Good luck.


maryg - October 31

Great suggestions mtnla__s! I have used the poncho a couple times, and it's a really good alternative to a "hooter hider", but it's still kind of a drag to carry around. A friend suggested a similar idea to yours which is getting a nursing tank, wearing it under another shirt and lifting the top shirt from the bottom to nurse--the tank covers your belly so you're basically creating a double-layered nursing top out of a regular top that way. I'm going to try this too. I've been wearing wrap front tops and going in from the top so far, but going in from the bottom would be more subtle if my belly were covered. Anyone have any preferences abut nursing tanks? They have them cheap at Target, more expensive other places.


spamanda - November 7

maryg i loved the nursing tanks from target. mine are over a year old now, and they still work great! and they did work really well under a "normal" shirt for hiding my stomach while i was nursing. i'm really not modest at ALL, lol, but obviously sometimes i was in places where the other people would have felt funny about my nursing. good luck! ~spam


charee - November 8

The target nursing tanks dont fit me, its a very aquard fit- the chest isnt really cut full enough, and i think i am a normal size everything!! I have a regular underwire bra from walmart i wore during pregnancy i wear, i wear sports bras, and i have one walmart cotton nursing bra, and about 3 from I have 2 shirts from motherwear with all around nursing underllayer- which is nice so no one sees anything, but they make me too hot (i live in AZ). I usually just pull my b___b out the top of y shirt/tank, or pull my shirt up... im not very modest i never really hide my b___st or my baby with a blanket either. I dont feel i should have to except in SOME situations maybe... i dont flash it all over though.



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