How Long Can One Exclusively Breastfeed For

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yee - September 20

I've heard that the baby won't get enough just from br___t milk after 6 months. And at this stage, people often add solid or formula, Is it true? Provided that I have enough milk, can I still exclusively feed my baby for as long as I can? I just love br___tfeeding!


lily10 - September 20

I don't think you ever need to give your baby formula as long as you are producing enough milk. As far as solids I think you can start those between 4-6 months. Your baby should receive their main source of nutrition from BM or formula for the first year of their life. In your case you are BFeeding so you can keep going for a year or even more if you both want to.


krc - September 21

i b___stfed exclusively until my son was 8 months. I know a few women who have done it up until 12 months as well. Don't listen to anyone who says b___stmilk cannot sustain a baby past a certain age. How do you think women fed their babies before formula was invented? Or in times of food shortages. Breastmilk is designed to provide ALL the nutrients required to keep a baby not just alive, but healthy and thriving. And as long as you nurse, you will produce milk. My son is now 14 months and I still nurse him about twice a day. Do whatever your mommy intuition tells you to! Good luck!!


hthab - September 21

I b___stfed exclusively for the first 6 months. I had been so excited to start solids, but it really complicated things. We had to deal with constipation, cleaning up his high chair after feedings, washing all of the extra dishes, and making room for his meals in the daily routine. Plus, he wasn't very crazy about eating solids. Oh, and I started having some issues with milk supply and ds losing interest in the b___b around the time we started solids. I've heard a few people waiting until 8 months before introducing solids, and I agree with krc that babies can go a long time with only b___stmilk. Good luck to you!


DB - September 22

I'm sure you could technically keep your baby on only bm for quite some time. I found my dd did really well with solids at 5 months old it helped her reflux SOOOO much, so for us it was the right time...but she was still bf 5 or 6 times per day then, and now at almost 8 months she eats quite a bit of solids, and still has 20-24 oz of bm daily...your milk supply will stay up as long as it's demanded by your baby...It's great to bf!! My dd is starting to refuse to nurse because I have low supply (because I work full time and have to pump)'s hard to bf and work full time, but it is very possible..I dont' know if you'll be going to work or not, but just a thought! You can do it! You'd be surprised how many people are amazed that I'm still (trying to) bf my almost 8 month old while working full time, even my doctor...Of course I'll pump for is so much better than formula :)


slackette - September 22

I went to a la leche leauge meeting and they said BM can sustain a baby (even without any solids or formula) up until 2-2.5 years of age. I would probably check with your doctor first though. There was a woman there with a 2 year old and her daughter did not really care for solids and was only BF. The daughter looked completely well nurished and healthy!!


gro1974 - September 25

Offering solid food to your little one won't mean you need to quit b___stfeeding. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends b___stfeeding for AT LEAST the first 2 years of life. My daughter is 14 months old and still nurses several times a day. I love nursing her, and it's such a comfort for her, I can't imagine giving it up until she's ready (I am a stay at home mom, so I know this is a luxury for me). However, she does get solid foods. I started her at around 6 months, and she really enjoys experiencing new foods. Our schedule get pretty hectic, though, so there are days when she doesn't get three (or even two) solid meals a day- it's nice to know, on those days, that she is still getting proper nutrition through b___stfeeding. Good luck!


tryingx3 - September 25

gro1974 - funny, I read where people are still bfing their 14 month olds, like you and I picture BIG dd is 1wk past her 1st birthday and still nursing...funny how your brain works...12 months vs. 14 months seems so much "bigger"...I don't know when she will wean and I am not pushing her. I am ready to stop pumping during the work day. I guess she will wean when she is ready or I get pg again...she's GOTTA HAVE her "mommy-time"!


britt_m - September 28

I'll look around, I'd don't quite remember where I read it but its only in the last couple generations when we've starting introducing solids before a year. My lo is 4 months and exclusively bf, she's very interested in what we eat, she's been tasting her toes lately! I'm really excited to let her try solids but I want to wait possibly even longer than 6 months, altho dh wants her to have a FRENCH FRY! Grr..



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