How Long Did You Use The Nipple Shield

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Leanne_ - June 29

My dd is 5 weeks old and we've been using a nipple shield since day one as I have flat nipples. I'm constantly trying to feed her without the shield with no success. I'm feeling a little hopeless now. I thought she'd latch on by now. How long did you have to use the shield for??


Susan W - June 29

I ended up using it for about 3 months, until DS's mouth was much stronger and he was bigger (although he came out at 11.5 lbs!) and I was better at nursing myself. Don't sweat it yet. And don't get discouraged!


C - June 30

I too used it for 3 months. I remember because I was at the Picture People for his 3 month appointment. I was waiting for my sister to finish and he started getting really crabby. I didn't have a bottle so I was going to nurse him there. I was adjusting everything and trying to be modest and all of a sudden b4 I could put the shield in place he latched on all by himself. It was the best feeling of accomplishment.


Leanne_ - July 1

She finally latched on the other night. I was so surprised that I almost fell off the bed!!! Of course she hasn't been able to latch on since but maybe there's hope after all!!! Thanks for the encouragement ladies.


Heather F - July 1

My baby is 3 1/2 months and we are still using the nipple sheild, she just screams without it so i have no choice!


Leanne_ - July 1

I've heard that nipple shields can affect your milk supply (possibly decrease your supply). Has this happened to any of you?? My lactation consultant told me to pump in between feedings to keep up my milk suppy. I only pump twice a day and seem to have enough milk.


Heather F - July 2

my milk supply has not been affected, my baby gets enough milk and she is 3.5 months...I only pump around once a week for if someone else has to feed her.


Susan W - July 3

Nope. I had more than enough. Actually, using a shield helped keep me from drowning the kid! Some LCs worry that stimulation to the b___st is lessened and therefore you may not produce as much milk as you would without it. Just hang in there. The day will come you won't need it. What I did was try every time to latch on without it. If he would, great. If not, no biggie. Sometimes he would latch on, nurse and then demand it or vice versa. It's all good.


AlissaF - July 8

my little guy is 2.5 weeks and I have been using a shield because his mouth was too small to fit around my nipple. Just today I started weaning him off of it. I'm still going to use it with half his feedings as I feel that he doesn't get as much without it, but it's a start!



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