How Long Do I Have To BF Minimum

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pattford - February 1

I am over this whole br___tfeeding thing. My 5 week old is such a piggie. I'm having to supplement with formula on top of the br___t. It's so time consuming and EXHAUSTING!! My goal was to continue BF until I go back to work when he's 12 weeks old or so. Do you think he's gotten what he needs from my br___tmilk by that time, that I can quit? I'm struggling to continue with this already. Arghh........


Rosiemeg - February 1

it's very common for babies to have a growth spurt around 6 weeks. growth spurts are absolutely exhausting but they pa__s after a few days. if your having issues with your supply i would recommend you contact a lactation consultant. as far as getting everything he needs from your milk, i'm a firm believer that every drop counts. keep nursing as long a your comfortable with it.


Mommy_to_be - February 2

The amount of b___st milk you produce will increase with demand so you shouldn't really have to supplement with formula unless you have a physical problem and cannot produce more than a set amount of milk. Anyway, the American Pediatric a__sociation suggests b___stfeeding exclusively until 6 months is the best, but that babies will benefit from it up to a year old. I plan on b___stfeeding until I go back to school full time (2 sem. until I finish my RN) which will be when my dd is 9mo.


Mommy_to_be - February 2

Oh, and I feel your pain bc my dd wants to eat every 2.5 -3 hours from the beginning of one to the other (for example if she nurses from 9 to 9:40am, she'll want to eat again around quarter til 12) leaving me only 2 hour chunks of time to get things done. Another thing though is that one day of b___stfeeding is better than none, so 5 weeks has already benefitted your little one.


tryingx3 - February 2

My dd is 4mo old and still would prefer to eat every 2.5 hours. I figure we only do this for a limited time...I can make it! :-)


Tammy276 - February 2

you don't HAVE to b___stfeed for any certain amount of time, and don't let others make you feel like you have too...if you are ready to be done, then be done and switch over to formula...or try pumping so that he is still getting the b___stmilk, but it is not as demanding on you.


ssmith - February 2

Feeding your baby should be a joyful and loving experience for both of you. It shouldn't be negative. If you are b___stfeeding, and are that unhappy about it....then stop. There are plenty of babies that are formula fed right from day one....and they are perfectly healthy. Your baby has received the nutrients and goodness of colostrum and b___stmilk for 5 weeks....that is certainly better than none at all! You should feel proud of yourself that you have perservered for that long, if you were finding it so tough. If you will be happier and more rested, then do not feel badly about formula feeding your baby......not at all. You need to do what's good for you too :-)



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