How Long Do You Usually Nurse For

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janelle - May 8

I was just curious how long your little ones nurse on the br___t for and how often?My daughter is 5 weeks today and she usually does not go more than 4 hours without nursing and sometimes she eats for 12-15 minutes sometimes 20 -25 I have a very fast letdown so she gets milk right away I am just wondering I am first time mom thank you ahead of time for your input.


Susan W - May 8

Sounds to me like you are doing just fine :) DS ate more frequently than that -- like every 2-3 hours, and there were lots of times he wanted something every hour. I remember feeling like I was constantly nursing for the first few weeks. Be grateful for the fast letdown; it will mean here in a month or so that you can feed your baby in 5 minutes and get back to whatever you were doing while your friends are still nursing 20 minutes later :) But as long as she's making plenty of wet diapers and having normal colored and frequent bowel movements, she's getting enough :) You are doing well!


ssmith - May 21

My daughter is almost 4 weeks (wow, already!) She eats every 2-3 hours on average, mind you, she has been known to go 5-6 at night....or every 1-1.5 during the day. Very confusing to me...who is a real numbers girl and likes to have routine...impossible at this stage, I know, but I am trying! She usually nurses around 20-30 on one side, and may or may not take the second for 10-15 minutes. We are still trying to figure out what works best for us....letting her decide, or me intervening. Sometimes I don't think my little piglet knows when to quit and would happily nurse 24 hours a day!! But, she pees & poops like there's no I guess we're doing alright! I will be grateful for a bit more of a schedule though...and a bit longer between feedings. Me and the couch have become one!


Susan W - May 21

The schedule will come. . . It was hard for me too. I'm a very routine-loving person -- comes with my type A personality and my career choice -- so learning to listen to the needs of my child was difficult. But it's been sooooo worth it. He's turning into a great kid. I had people tell me that listening to his needs and answering them would make him self-centered, but that's not true. He is becoming very empathetic and caring for a 20 month old :) Just keep doing what you are doing. It will pay off. . .



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