How Long Does It Take Your Lo To Eat

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JessC531 - November 9

My dd used to spend a loong time nursing, but recently she's started eating very quickly (unless she's sleepy). Sometimes she nurses for less than 10 minutes. I'm worried she isn't getting enough, but she gets mad (turns her head away and grunts) if I try to feed her more. She's 3 months. Do you think she can be getting a full feeding that quickly?


excited2bemama - November 10

She can absolutely be getting enough in less than 10 min . Babies get to be really efficent nurses. Some babies can empty both b___sts in , 5 min and be getting enough. Don't be surprised it its a phase though. My 5 month old will nurse for like 5 min at a nursing session for a while and then for a few weeks she will do really long nursing sessions and then go back to short ones.. as long as you feed on demand you should be fine. Sometimes babies get into snacking mode too and want to snack for a while.. My dd always wants to nurse alot when she is teething too... just feed her when she is hungry and for as long as she wants.


britt_m - November 10

Exciting pretty much summed it up! My lo was a fast eater up to about 3 1/2 months and now has slowed way down. About 20 min per feed. She'll also stay on there as long as I let her! Around 20 she's just pacifing and she'll look up and smile and go back to it, she even stops and listens to every thing and then starts pacifing again. Its funny. But the moment I take her off and cover back up she looks at me horrified and whines for a bit, lol. She's hit a big seperation anxiety bump! So she freaks every time I leave and every time I set her down, enjoy the stages they go through, before you know it they will be going to school. Like she said just feed on demand, good luck!


lily10 - November 10

My daughter is the same way. She usually nurses for 8-15 mins total. I was concerned about this as well but my lo has gained weight just fine and always has plenty of poop and pee diapers.


Pipa - November 17

Oh goodness, that sounds heavenly! My lo takes at least thirty minutes to eat and sometimes longer. Of course it's hard to keep him awake while he's eating (only three weeks old) so that's probably part of it. I can't wait to have faster nursings!


jenna32 - January 8

i just got my supply up,usually it is like 40 mins + for me but this morning mine fed for about 10 to but i could hear swallowing like mad! I am not positive but i think the amount of water i drank had a lot to do with it! I think it is very possible,be glad you aren't sitting there for a hour or 2 like i'vve done,it gets so fraustrating.


KDR - January 9

It takes my ds forever... usually 30 min for both sides. He is already 12 wks and he still falls asleep and I have to keep waking him up with wet washcloth on the forehead. It's hard to get ready in the morning for work because after he eats, he usually decides he's still hungry. Maybe he's just pacifying but I have to get going in the morning so it can be difficult. I have always fed on demand too. I hope he gets faster as he gets older!



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