How Long To Breastfeed

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wondering - March 7

i seen a post on the other forum and it brought up a good question. how long do you think it's okay to br___tfeed? i am great about the idea of br___tfeeding until 2ish or maybe 2and a half, but i have heard some stuff about people even br___tfeeding until like from 3 to 5. thats scary to me but others agree its ok. whats your take on this? is that strange?


mia - March 7

there are plenty of posts on this issue. read those - these topics always get everyone so heated. remove any dashes(-) except for the two between pregnancy and info and answers and when.


jg - March 9

I read in a magazine the other day about a woman who b___stfed her two girls until they were EIGHT and NINE.............!!!!! I have said on other threads that 1'ish would be about the limit for me if all had gone well (we stopped at 6 months). But as mia said, everyone does get incredibly heated and takes offence and takes things personally when others just give their personal opinion as asked by the post'er of the thread, so just take it all with a grain of salt.......


Happy Mom - March 9

My son is 8 months old. He is eating 1 Tablespoon of fruit and 1 Tablespoon of veggies a day so most of his diet is b___stmilk at this point. He's a big boy crawling, pulling up, crusing and walking holding my fingers. I personally don't feel it is right to set an age to cut your baby off. I will do it when it is right for us. As everyone should do. Having said that, I nursed my first until she was 2 1/2. The only times that it felt strange to do so was when others felt the need to comment on it in a negative way. When really it was none of their buisness in the first place. I don't see the point in weaning at 1 year just because they are able to drink cows milk when my milk is suited perfectly for my baby. It contains more viamins and minerals than cows milk will ever have!



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