How Long To Pump For

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jenna32 - December 23

Should you pump as long as you nurse? i usually pump for about 30 minutes per session because i think i read somewhere that you shouldn't more then 30 minutes, but i really have no idea. it doesn't say how long to pump even in the instructions that came with mine either. i'm pretty new to all this! thanks.


excited2bemama - December 23

Definatrly do not pump for 30 min!!! If you are pumping to replace a feeding I would pump for about 10 min. If you are trying to increase your supply and are pumping after you feed your lo I would pump about 3-5 min.


jenna32 - December 24

honestly only 3-5 minutes?wow. will 30 minutes not do any of that? i am trying to increase my supply but i would also like to get some milk out for the baby, we have a litle trouble getting into comfy positions most of the time :(


jenna32 - December 24

now that i was pumping 30 mins could it have been bad for u or something?


lily10 - December 26

I work full time so I pump till my b___sts are empty which takes about 20 mins using the medela PIS. I don't think that pumping for 30 mins is bad but if you just want to "up" your supply it may be a bit much. If you are pumping because you are away from your little one then I would empty your b___sts, well that's what works for me.


Krissy25 - December 26

I pump until i'm down to just drops comming out. After that there is no point. To get my supply up i will feed in the morning on one side and pump the other and do this for a few days and then my body starts to supply extra milk.


Val - December 30

Jenna, what did you mean about having trouble getting into comfy positions? I had a lot of trouble b___stfeeding early on, and it took a while to find a good position. Now I use a comfy rocky chair with a boppy for the baby to lie on, and a pillow behind me and a small footrest to prop up the foot on the side where he's nursing. Like Krissy, I usually pump until the milk flow slows way down - for me it only takes about 5-10 minutes. If I want to increase supply, I pump more frequently. Good luck to you! It did get much easier for me - we're at 7+ months and going strong!


excited2bemama - December 31

Pumping for 30 min isn't going to hurt anything but I would thik it would make your nipples sore!!! All this numbers are time frames- If you can tell when your b___sts are empty I would pump till empty and then if you are increasing your supply pump for an additional 3-5 min. keep in mind that some woman never get much out when they pump- but that doesn't mean that you don't have enough milk to feed your lo. The best way to increase your supply is to have your lo nurse. Just offer the b___st every 1-2 hours- she may only nurse for a few min but it all adds up- Also let your lo hang out on the breaast while napping and all the extea sucking will increase your supply. Good luck.


jenna32 - January 3

well im trying to bf a lot more now. I just meant it is hard to find a good position. Like either i'm not comfy or she is, or my b___b is like in the way of her nose, but i just tilt her head back a bit when that happens now. So will pumping too long decrease your supply? i'm pumping maybe 1-2 times a day now, bf for 15 mins on each side now and giving her a little formula, i just keep thinking i wont have enough in there for her ifi do it fully,since my supply is probably low right now.


jenna32 - January 3

im not pumping cuz im away. im just a bit shy about nursing in public plus the uncomfortable position thing i talked about.


fitzerin - January 4

If you are suplementing with formula you will effect your supply. I nurse and pump only. I do the same thing as you...I pump so that I have a bottle to feed my little one when I'm out in public. I don't need people staring at me while I try to feed him by the b___b. What I do is I pump one side while I feed him on the other every morning. That way I get about 4 oz in a bottle (sometimes more). If I know I'll be going out for a while I do that a second time. It's easiest to pump in the morning and after a hot shower. As far as getting comfy it takes some time. My son is 3 months old and at times I'm very uncomfortable...but as long as he is I dont' worry as much. However I do use TONS of pillows to get comfortable. One behind my back, one under each arm, and one under him. Just keep at it and you'll get better at it.


excited2bemama - January 4

If you are worried about low supply stop giving her formula and just nurse or pump.. that is the best way to build a supply and keep it up... AS far as getting comfie- it gets better with practice- I use lots of pillows and a footstool. If your baby isn;t breathing funny while nursing don't worry about your b___st blocking her nose- she will figure it out. GL


jenna32 - January 6

thanks so much. i find it hardest to get comfy at those 4 early morning feedings. i'm trying to nurse as much as possible now that i read all this,but it can be sooooooo fraustrating for me.Fitz that pumping and feeding idea is a really great idea!! i'll try it,only it might be even more ackward and uncomfortable then b___stfeeding without practice! excited, the only thing is she always starts making heavy breathing noises and little cooos when shes getting full so i dont know.she usually does squirm around or does sumthin when shes uncomfy though.


jenna32 - January 8

i am soo excited guys! lastnight i pumped every one and a half hours a few times and have been b___stfeeding as much as i can( gave her formula to set her off to sleep longer) then she woke up at around 7 to eat and i decided to b___stfeed and she seemed to be drinking like nuts!!! Fitz, i tried pumping while b___stfeeding to, you're so right i got more then usual out to!! But it can get a little difficult to do sometimes!


fitzerin - January 8

Jenna I'm so happy that it's working for you. Another suggestion that works for me. When I feed my boy I can't use those Boppy Pillows that everyone loves. I find a regular firm bed pillow works better. I sit on the couch indian style, and put the pillow on my lap...then the baby on the pillow. That seems to be the most comfortable feeding postion for me. i use the "cross over" feeding style and that way my single pump is resting next to his little legs. I think the vibrations from the pump help to calm him back to sleep.


Val - January 8

Jenna - I'm glad it's going better! Definitely keep drinking lots of water and eat good meals to keep your supply up. Also, re: being comfortable when nursing... for the longest time I tried to nurse sitting up in bed, and it was never comfortable. I never got the whole lying down and nursing thing down either. Definitely try a lot of different position and different pillows and such - hopefully you'll find what works for you.



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