How Long Will I Leak

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Pea Pod - March 6

My dd is almost 7 weeks and I still have to wear nursing pads due to leaking, especially for the right side. How long will this go on? Those nursing pads are expensive!


kellens mom - March 6

Again, it is different for everyone. I stopped leaking around 3 to 3.5 months. I only remember because I went back to work after 12 weeks and kept taking pads with me...just in case I could not get away to pump (I work with men). I would occasionally leak during that same period if I was full and carrying the baby in front of me (putting pressure on my chest). I hope for your sake is stops. Talk about annoying! Mine was on the left side...the one that produces more and has a faster let-down.


Kristin72 - March 7

My baby is 3 months. I am still leaking and spraying on my right sidetoo! It usually happens when I feed her on the left. especially in the morning or afternoon hours. I bought the washable b___st pads. Kushies makes them..they are available at BabiesrUS. I am sure there are other brands too. They come with 3 pairs. Definately more economical. If you sldo drip while nursing it can be smart to atleast catch the access in a bottle so as not to waste your precious milk. I am hoping this will cease soon too!!! Argh!!!


Kristin72 - March 7

oops the word after ~If suppose to read "also". cheers. i should really proof read ;)


tryingx3 - March 7

I went back to work at about 12wks, but still wore the pads even though I didn't feel like I was going to leak - I wanted to be safe, not sorry. I would think that you could go to the washable kind by about that time and not have to "buy" anymore, I just prefer the Lansinoh disposable.


Pea Pod - March 7

Kellens mom, I'm opposite. The leaky side is the side I dont get as much out of...I always figured it was cuz it was always leaking out so there wasn't as much in there! I bought some lansinoh washable pads (I think that was the brand) but they seemed bulkier than the disposable...I may have to try kushies because not only are the disposable expensive, but not very environmentally friendly! We use clothe diapers and i feel like I just make up for the waste with the nursing pads!


Emmie - March 7

I used to leak a whole lot during the night when my son started sleeping through and the b___st pads didnt do anygood so I used socks. I just stuck them in my bra and it did great-for during the day I used gerber reusable.



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