How Long Without Poop

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Leilani14 - January 28

I feed my 4month old baby EBM, nothing else, and now it is 4th day wihout poop. I researched the net and it say everywhere that it can be normal. What is your experience? How long did your BF baby go without poop?


Emmie - January 28

When my son was 4 months old he pooped every fifth day. Now that he is on solids it is every day.


Perl - January 29

I was just wondering the same thing Leilani. My 3 month old used to give me at least a couple of poopy diapers each day until this week. He is on his 4th day without any poop. I'm going to call Dr. tomorrow if there is still none because I've read that this is normal with b___stfed babies but I just want to be sure.


kellens mom - January 29

Dd would frequently take 7 days to develop a bowel movment. This is not uncommon for bfeed babies because there is so little waste. The doc said not to worry unless it went over 7 days. Amazingly she always managed to produce at the final hour! Remember that exclusively bfeed babies are rarely "constipated" which is defined as hard poop (not the inability to poop). I also remember him saying that you should worry a little bit more if the baby is really grouchy. He suggested taking the tip of the rectal thermometer and inserting it to its normal point and wiggling it a bit to stimulate things. On two occa__sions, she was so grouchy and she had reached the 8 day point that we used "baby Fleet" sepository (glycerin filled) to help her along. It is not advisable to do this very often because they need to learn how to push through the pain on their own or they will become dependant on the sepository. Now that she is on solids, we get one every day or at least every two days. For now, I can only recommend patience... It will work itself out!


EricaLynn - January 30

Holy cow! Seven days without poop! Hahaha sign me up! My 4 week old gives us like 4 poopy diapers a day! ( I know she is alot younger) But holy cow that is a long time to not see poop! Im glad our little darlin gets b___st milk!


kellens mom - January 30

7 days sounds good initially. What goes in must come out...and there is no diaper in the world that will hold it all! Enough said.


Leilani14 - January 30

Thanks girls. Well we had a small poop on day four but somehow I'm expecting a ' Big Bang' soon. kellens mom, I think I'll buy those glycerin sepositories to have them at home just in case. EricaLynn when my lo was 4 weeks he pooped after every feeding. I never thought that, changing a poopy diaper will make me happy.


Perl - January 30

Okay I miscalculated. . his last poopy diaper was last Wednesday morning just after midnight. So that makes this the 6th day and tomorrow the 7th day. I'm freaking out and can't get an answer from the pediatrician's office. I'm giving them just a few more hours. Leilani, I'd be really happy too if I could just see a little bit of poo--soon. Never thought I'd say that either.


tryingx3 - January 30

Perl - does he act like his stomach is bothering him? Put him in a REALLY nice outfit and go out to eat tonight. :-) Our dd went 4 days once, we put her in white and went to church...fixed that!


kellens mom - January 31

I am dying to know if there has been a poop yet! Don't keep me in suspense.


Leilani14 - January 31

Well I have a nice poop to report. I did expect the Big bang but it was just perfect, not too big, not too small, contained in disper.Perl how are you doing? Any news?


kellens mom - February 1

That is great news. Hopefully you did not have to use the fleet.


Perl - February 2

Trying: I actually tried to ma__sage his stomach lightly to get things going and see if he would flinch but it didn't bother him and it didn't work much either. But, YES, YES YES, he finally pooped on the 7th day!!! An outing sounds like a good idea! ***LEILANI: I took Pete to his pediatrician and he checked him for a hernia (none) and checked for blockage (none) and wouldn't ya know he pooped (major b__wout and boy did he make some loud grunting noises) the morning of his appointment but I still took him to the Dr. to see if it was a side effect of the Zantac he's taking (no). Dr. says one of his patients went as long as 13 days with no poop! But he likes to see his patients on the 6th or 7th poopless day anyway even though this is 'normal'.


kellens mom - February 2

I swear that Kellen would clinch her little b___t cheeks. That little rat of mine would wait until the 7th day and then we would have a huge b__w-out. All would be good for a couple of days and then the cycle would start over again. Tryingx3 hit the nail on the head when she advised to dress up our LO's in a nice outfit. I actually had this one outfit that she seemed compelled to go in every time she wore it. I started putting it on her on day 7...just because I thought she might find it "inspiring". She also likes to poop while in the car. I always wonder if the vibrations help to relax all her muscles (including those b___t cheeks!) My mom used to call for her daily inquiry about if Kellen had a bowel movement yet. My step-dad said that we were obsessed with dd's poop. I think we became that way because it was always such a concern. Ahhh...the memories!


Leilani14 - February 3

It came, and it came with vengeance. My lo did poop a regular size poop on day 4 as I mentioned in my post.He haven't pooped since and today again was day 4. And then it happened, it went through all of his clothing and soaked the stroller. I had to disa__semble the stroller to get the cover off and wash it. I just hope this does not become a usual thing. kellens mom you were so right there is no diaper in the world that will hold it all. Perl good to hear the news. I guess we are all relieved now.


kellens mom - February 8

Bump for Perl



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