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Tara - January 8

How many of you br___t fed and bottle fed? Either formula or br___t milk?


jg - January 8

I exclusively b___stfed until about four months, then I was paranoid that he wasn't getting enough so I supplemented with formula, and then progressed to fully feeding with formula by six months. I used to express too - that was great - gave me a break and I could see how much my baby was acutally getting. Do you have any particular concerns?


Jenn... - January 8

I give Blake bottles only sometimes when we go somewhere because he does not usually nurse well with distractions. He gets bottles of expressed milk.


Christy - January 9

We are mostly b___st, but occa__sionally bottle. I hate to pump, so I only do it once in a while. My dh has given him about 5-6 bottles of pumped milk and one bottle of formula to date. We did give him a 3 oz bottle of formula one recent night b/c he seemed hungry but kept pulling off the b___st. (BTW- he sucked down 2.5 oz of the stuff! I was shocked!)


AutumnsMommy - January 9

Autumn b___stfeeds exclusively..we both really enjoy the closeness of it.


Dawn C - January 9

My guy is 3mths. He will not take a bottle period. I wasted my time pumping. I have just enough put up in case something happens


mom42 - January 10

Breast only at 5 months, she won't take a bottle, so we, too, have a ma__sive store of pumped milk in the freezer. She is eating cereal and babyfood, though.


kailin - January 10

For those of you who pumped to give occasional bottles (say, one or two a day), how often and when did you pump, and did it affect your milk supply? My son keeps wanting more and more b___sttime, and I'm really getting tired and need a break. He is 3 weeks old, and his feeding times go over an hour (but that includes him falling asleep at the b___st a few times). I want my husband to be able to help out by feeding him a bottle or two a day, and this way I will also feel rea__sured he is actually getting enough, since he seems so hungy. Can anyone help out?


Sheena - January 10

I did both b___st and formula and my milk production dropped too low. I stopped the formula and my supply returned.


skittles - January 11

I b___stfeed 2. My 2 week old son and my 2 year old daughter. The benefits are great for the 3 of us!!



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