How Many Ounces Of Breastmilk For A 4 Month Old

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ursr - October 3

Hi, I can't seem to find a straight answer for how much br___t milk older babies should consume. DD is 4 mths./15 lbs. and I'm not only concerned that she isn't getting enough (pulls off but still seems hungry) ... but I need EXTRA to pump/store for return to work. I'm getting fenugreek tomorrow and am now feeding as much/as long as DD wants. I really don't want to supplement with formula if I can help it. Not sure how many ounces I'll need to leave with nanny/daycare. Any ideas? Thanks!


excited2bemama - October 4

You won't be able to find a straight answer b/c every baby is different and how much they eat depends on how much foremilk.hindmilk is in the pumped milk. When I leave my lo with Dh I leave a 4 oz bottle for every feeding and then 1 bottle of a few extra oz that he can heat up if she appears still hungry after 4 oz.. usually the 4 oz is enough- I know when I BF her will eat more than 4 oz at a time but she isn't a big fan of the bottle so 4 oz is usally enough. BF babies don't usually eat more and more oz as they get older like formula fed babies b/c the composition of the milk changes as they get older.


Val - October 4

I usually leave about 5 oz for my 4 month old ds. He's about 17 lb. Sometimes he only eats 4 oz, and usually he eats all 5 oz. (Last week he had a growth spurt and was eating 6 oz!!) He usually feeds 7 times a day. I always leave one extra bottle for my dh or daycare provider so that if he's extra hungry for some reason, they aren't stuck with a sad baby! If you haven't already been giving a bottle, you might want to start at least a week or so before starting nanny/daycare to get a sense for how much your baby eats. You can feed the bottle (if she'll take it from you) and pump and store some milk in place of those feedings. Good luck!


Val - October 4

I meant to say that each feeding/bottle is 5 oz. And he usually eats every 2-2.5 hours during the day depending on his naps, but sleeps through the night.


proudmama34 - October 5

My son is 5 months old and eats 4-5 ounces every few hours. Unfortunately, since I've been back to work, I haven't been able to pump as much during the day. He will have 1 bottle of what I pumped and then formula :( - I had to supplement when I went back to work because I didn't produce enough during the day. I do, however, still feed him when I get home and all through the night! Good luck going back to work!


ursr - October 5

Thank you! I'm afraid if I don't start producing more, I'll also have to supp. with formula also. It's hard to get ahead! Right now I'm storing/freezing only ~ 1 oz. per day. I can't imagine being able to leave 15 oz. or so per day with a day care provider!


wailing - October 5

Do u try to pump when ur lo is on the b___st? that really helps me b/c I was having the same problem. And also, someone suggested pumping (even if u don't get anything) after bb nurses. This will stimulate more milk production. My lo is 15wks and i will be returning to work soon and am in the same boat as u. Trying to play catch up w/ the milk is really hard. I'm not looking forward to it. I hate pumping :-( Let me know how u like the Fenengreek. Good Luck


Val - October 6

URSR - when did you start pumping? My friend had the same problem, but I think she gradually began being able to pump more milk (after a week or two). Does your baby eat during the night? If not, you could try getting up to pump then. That's one way that I've been able to store a lot of milk. Good luck!


ursr - October 12

Thanks for the help! I'm slowing getting ahead. Fenugreek is crazy! Been taking it just over a week and I HAVE to pump at night or my b___bs would explode! Sometimes I pump BEFORE I nurse because now I'm worried BB is only getting foremilk. It's hard for me to pump when BB is nursing so I do it when she naps or at night. Ugh. : ) Good luck!



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