How Many Oz S Do I Pump

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chrissi79 - February 11

I am going to be starting to pump this week but not sure how much to have ready for my 2 week old daughter? Do I just pump until the flow stops or what? Is there a certain # of oz's I am supposed to give her???


jenprice - February 12

for a baby that young, I'd give her as much as she wants to drink. You could start with an ounce or ounce and a half and if she takes all of it try adding a little bit more. I pump until the flow of milk either stops or slows down significantly. Now, with my 7 week old, this takes less than 10 minutes, but in the first few weeks it took longer (15-20). If you are trying to store milk for your baby when you go back to work, it may take time, since the more you pump and the more your baby nurses, your supply will increase, but if you've been only b___stfeeding so far, you're only producing about as much as the baby eats.


kellens mom - February 12

At first (3 weeks?), I was able to produce a lot of milk. That eventually tapered down to the point were I could maybe pump 1.5 to 2 oz extra for freezing. Like Jenprice, I suspect that your lo will only drink 1 to 1.5 oz at first. Make sure to burp a lot and use a slow flow nipple. Otherwise it will all come back up and will be wasted. "topping her off" by giving too much might sound logical, but it will all come back up eventually. Remember her little tummy is a little bigger then the size of a large marble, so don't be surprised if 1 oz is too much.


chrissi79 - February 12

ok, well I started pumping today and I managed (in 2 sessions) to get 2 oz. and 2 1/2 ozs. So I gave her the 2 oz. bottle. She seemed satisfied with that for a little bit, but she wanted to eat again like an hour and a half later - but only for like 5 minutes. I'm guessing that when I pump its pretty close to the amount that she would normally drink???


kellens mom - February 12

As long as she is not spitting up a lot, I would guess that you are on the right track. Don't forget that newborns eat all the they look for comfort through nursing.


EricaLynn - February 13

There is no set amount. When I pump I get whatever I can to store. Your LO might not eat that much right now. But if she is a big baby she might. At 3 days old my dd and i met with a lactation consultant who weighed her before and after eating. She ate about 3 oz just from nursing. Just remember also that is is hard to overfeed a bf baby.


KLT - February 13

I started pumping at around 3 weeks but soley to store for when I went back to work 3 months later. How quicky that supply diminished! I was able to pump quite a bit in the early months. Now at 4 months my milk has slowed down. I went from being able to pump 4-8oz per b___b to 3 oz out of both total. I got some Mothers Milk tea and thats increased now i'm back at 4oz per b___b. If you are looking to pump and store for the future, i'd say get what you can now.



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