How Many Times A Day Does Your 10 Month Old BF

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Peachtree - July 21

Hi Everyone- I'm wondering how many times a day your 9-10 month olds are br___tfeeding? I know every baby is different, but there must be a 'typical' amount they feed in 24hrs, and I can't seem to find any answers anywhere else. I'm getting worried that my lo isn't drinking often enough. He usually BF's first thing in the morning around 6:00-7:00am, then he usually nurses again at 12:30-1:00, then again at 5:30, and he nurses a little just before bed at 7:30. Some days he won't nurse at the 12:30-1:00 time, so he goes from 7am, until 4:30 or 5:00 without a feeding. He will now only take one br___t each feed, and I know I don't have an overly abundant supply of milk. He unlatches himself, and won't re-latch no matter how hard I try. He eats 3 regular meals a day now, but doesn't get any other form of liquid other than a tiny bit of water from a training sippy, which he hardly drinks any of because he doesn't really know how to drink from the sippy (he doesn't know how to drink from a bottle either). So, in your experience, is your 9-10 month old drinking/BF'ing more often than this? Is this normal? Thank you in advance for any help! :)


Kiersten - July 21

Are you pregnant? I ask because when my ds turned six months I found out I was pregnant again and we had within the past two weeks been experiencing weight gain/supply issues. He is now (one month +) later starting to reject BF'ing and pulls on and off. So, that may be something to check out. Are you offering it more and he's just not interested? Those feedings seem spaced out to me. My ds gets in about 5-6 feedings a day with no more than four hours tops in between. It's usually more like three. I would call his pedi and see what he/she suggests you do. Good luck! I know it's so frustrating sometimes when we feel like we're doing all we can and it never seems to be enough. I hope you're able to get this figured out real soon! Good luck and hang in there! :)


mshanson - July 21

Mine was nursing about the same when he was 10 months. Wake up, noon, after supper and then bedtime. I had talked to a few other people whose babies were around the same. Sometimes he'd have quick little nurses here or there if he was needing some comfort. However, by the sounds of things, he does need more fluids in him, especially since it's summer. I'd say it's time to start giving him juice. When I started mine on juice, I'd mix it with water, maybe give 2 oz. water, 4 oz. juice, until I gradually had him at half and half. Mine is a year and STILL will not drink water, unless there's some juice mixed in.



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