How Much Breastmilk To Give In A Bottle

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fitzerin - November 9

I give my boy one bottle a day so that my husband can feed him and I can get more sleep. my question is, how many ounces should be in this bottle? I read if it was formula it would be 4 oz...but I'm not sure. Any advice? My baby is 6 weeks old.


fitzerin - November 9

it should read...I givemy boy one bottle of b___stmilk a day


alisonelecia - November 9

My ds is 8 weeks and the pediatrician said she should get 4-6oz per feeding of b___stmilk, (needed to know since now I'm back at work). She'll typically take 4oz. You can try making a bottle with 4 oz and see how much he'll take. I wouldn't make up more since if he doesn't take it you've lost precious b___stmilk and it's always easier to make up 1-2 more ounces if he's still hungry.


britt_m - November 9

I hope I can bump this up to the top for you and get you some more answers. My lo is 5 1/2 months and takes about 4oz normally. The consistancy of b___stmilk changes as the baby gets older so they don't necessarily take more milk as they get what they need out of however much they take. I don't remember where I read this but around 4oz of b___stmilk is about equal to 8 oz of formula. Have you looked on or La Leche League websites? Good luck.


excited2bemama - November 10

I lo will take anywhere from 3-6 oz of b___stmilk(she is 5 months old) I typically fill a bottle with 4 oz.


lily10 - November 10

my dd drank between 3-4oz of expressed bm when I first gave her a bottle at 8 weeks. She is now 4 months and drinks 5-6oz per bottle feeding.


slackette - November 10

My LO is 3 months old and he drinks anywhere b/w 3-6oz (almost always 4 oz) of BM. I usually will give him whatever I pumped. If I think he is not that hungry, I give a smaller bottle, If its for bedtime, I give him a large bottle. As you can see, what I pump varies with every pumping, but its nice to have all different sizes in my refigerator to give him exactly the right amount for how hungy he may be....Oh yeah, and my doc said anywhere b/w 3-6oz too....


first-timer - November 13

My lo is 6 weeks as well and I usually get 3-4oz out of a b___st when I pump so that is what I put in a bottle. He has not needed more after that amount so I figure my body must be producing what he needs.


socalmom - November 13

I have only pumped and gave b___stmilk in a bottle since my ds was born from birth to about 4 weeks he took 3oz every three hours, from about 5 weeks till now (11 weeks) he takes 4oz every three hours..except at night he sleeps about 7-8 hours at night. The past day or two he has been more hungry during the day and I have bumped him up to 4 1/2 oz and he is happy!



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