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Moomaiden - August 3

I am 26 weeks pregnancy and plan to br___tfeed (at least for my 6 weeks of maternity leave). I have no idea how much milk my body will produce and how often I need to either feed or pump. How much do babies nurse at first? How often do babies need to nurse at 6 weeks? If I go too long without nursing at work, will milk just spill from my br___ts? There is no private place to pump at work so it is not possible to pump for at least 8 hours a day once I return from materinty leave.


jenna32 - August 4

A lot. How about a bathroom? If a lot of people won't always be in it,lol. You could try to find a quiet pump. i really hope you can keep up the b___stfeeding,sorry i am not much help.


Krissy25 - August 4

Your body will produce plenty of milk, especially if you are exclusivly b___stfeeding. You will probably be feeding about the same amout of times at 6 weeks as you will at the begining. The milk is going to spill out of your b___st even when you are home and feeding every 2-3 hours, sometimes all it takes is just thinking about feeding at it starts to come out so not being able to pump would be a real problem plus you will be very uncomfortable. If you live in the US most states have laws that protect your right to pump in a private area. You should talk to your boss about it and see if something can be worked out b/c if you can't pump it won't take long for your supply to dwindle especially if you are suplementing formula at home. Also if you do end up pumping at work make sure you get a good pump. Medela is a top brand know for it's pumps. You will want something that is fast, effective, quiet and won't rip your nipples off.


wv_red - August 5

the last place you want to pump is the bathroom. Sorry there is something about feeding your baby where someone poops just isnt the best thing. Think of all those germs. They have to supply you a place to pump if you are in the US.



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