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Jenny - April 19

My baby is currently 3 weeks old. I am supplementing with formula and pumping every 3 hours and then feeding him the br___t milk at the next feeding. How much milk should I be producing from each br___t? Sometimes, I get only 1 oz. each br___t and other times up to 3 oz. when they are full. When can I expect to produce up to 8 oz. each br___t when I pump?


michelle - April 19

You need to talk to an expert - lactation consultant, NICU nurse, somebody. I don't have any experience in pumping and feeding. I don't think pumping only every three hours and supplementing with formula is going to increase your milk supply. If I were you, I would look for a website specific to my needs.


Cathy - April 20

You will never get as much milk with a pump as your baby can get feeding. Supplementing will only decrease your supply as babies cluster feed etc to increase your supply. I supplemented my son with formula and my milk was gone by the time he was 3 months despite me pumping like crazy. My daughter is nearly 3 months now and has only had 5 bottles and they were expressed b___st milk. My supply is great and I express milk to donate to the local mothers milk bank too. Breastfeeding is hard for the first 6 weeks because baby will feed alot and cluster feed in the evenings but it gets easier and baby will feed less often. If you b___stfeed your baby on demand without the top-ups your supply will catch up after a few days and then your baby will feed regularly (every 3-4 hours) until your supply needs increasing again then baby will cluster feed for a few days. Your baby will not starve, and your b___sts can supply everything he/she needs but only if you stop the formula and persevere with constant feeding for a few days. Here are a few good b___stfeeding sites Hope this helps


Jenny - April 21

Thanks for the websites! They are a big help!



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