How Much Milk Do You Have Pump

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Mrs.W. - October 14

My girl is 2.5 weeks old and I br___tfeed or pump and give her br___t milk in a bottle. But since about two days it doesn't seem to be enough for her anymore and I had to supplement with formula after every feeding! When I pump I get one ounce of br___t milk out of each br___t - two ounces total. She needs about 3 ounces per feeding though or she isn't satisfied. Any advice? Am I just not producing enough milk?? I pump every two hours during the day and only once during night.


DB - October 14

Sounds like you need to let her nurse more often since the pump isn't as efficient as the baby is. That should help stimulate milk supply...also it seems like every other week at that age the baby has a growth spurt and should nurse more often to increase your milk supply...that is why supplementing isn't recommended if you absolutely do not have to. So, I'd say try to get her to nurse more often until your milk supply is firmly established.


zerfowski05 - October 14

I have the same problem!! My baby is 2 wks and 3 days. I will nurse her every 3 hrs, 20 min sometimes more per side, and she will still take down a 3-4oz bottle!!! When my milk first came in I was really engorged and could pump a 4 oz bottle. Was only able to do that once. Now, I can only pump 2oz, 1oz from each side. What do I do?!?!


excited2bemama - October 15

Some woman will NEVER get much milk out when they pump. The best pump is never as sufficent at a suckling baby. Babies get more milk out when they nurse verus a pump. If you are already using an electric pump then I would suggest that you nurse your baby more. Also supplimenting with formula is counter productive unless your lo is losing weight and you absolutely have too- you may have low milk one day but if you let your lo suckle suckle suckle all day long.. even if she isnt getting much all that sucking will allow your body to produce more milk. Especially at 2.5 weeks- your body is still building up a supply- YOu shouldn't pump until b___stfeeding is well established... usually 3-4 weeks at LEAST. Is there a reason you are pumping so much instead of nursing her? Zerfowski05- Your body is still also probaly building up a supply at 2 weeks post parptum. Stop the bottles for a few days and let your lo suckle and get everything from the b___st. also you should probaly try feeding every 2 hours during the day. Most owman won't get as much milk with pumping once engorment eases.obviously there is more milk when you are engorged. GL!!!


britt_m - October 27

My lo is 5 months and I pump in the morning and at night usually 2 hours from when she last ate. I also only get 1 oz from each side but I know she's getting everything she needs. I picked those times as thats when she usually goes 4 hours between feedings. It gives me 4 oz a day to stash in the freezer. I have never supplemented and don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary as your body is amazing at regulating what your lo needs! I'm one of the ppl that can't get much out of a pump, but when she eats I can hear it spray and her gulp for a minute after a let down, lol.



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