How Much Milk Should I Be Getting From Breast Pump

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babygirl - August 7

i bought the evenflo br___t pump... but i don't think it works that well... has anyone used it before... i wanted the medela harmony but i couldn't find it in the store... and when i pump i only get 1 oz am i doing it right.. how often should i pump since i also want to br___tfeed the baby... can i have enough for both things???


c - August 7

I found b4 I went back to work I didn't get that much. Now, I get 2-4 oz. per b___st and I pump 2-3x's at work. That is not enough for my son so I have the sitter give him formula once my milk is gone. I use the Madela Pump in Style. If your baby is nursing a lot you wont get a lot out, per session. Keep every ounce you pump. If you google this ?, you will find a lot of info..


Katie - August 8

I use the avent isis pump while I am at work and I have no problem with it. I usualyy get about 3-5 oz.


monica - August 8

i also have the avent isis... i love it and usually get around 6 oz.


kh - August 9

I get around 3-5 oz from my medela double pump.


miranda - August 10

I found that after the first few weeks I couldn't get much out of a pump, and it was a nice hospital grade medela pump. My b___sts only seemed to work for my daughter. They worked fine for her, though, because she was always in the high percentiles.


wenling - August 15

I tried the hoespital grade pump (lactina i think..) but i got nothing. i mean it.. nothing at all!!1 Then when i cn't get my baby to latch after i brought him home from the hospital, i tried pumping with the avent isis. Phew! much better. Now my baby is close to 4 mths old. Yesterday i pumped 8oz out of a very engorged b___st after a movie with hubby. lol !But usually i get abt 3-4oz from each b___st. So good luck.


Jamie - August 16

My milk just came in on Friday (had my baby on Wednesday) and I pump with the Avent Isis - I get a minimum of 8 oz. from each b___st each time I pump, which is right after I nurse my little I think it depends on the person.


KH - August 18

wow Jamie, that is amazing! 8 from each one AFTER you feed? I think that's the best I've ever heard. good for you :)


th - September 6 are pulling our leg huh?


Katharine - September 6

I use a medela manual pump and usually get 2-5 ounces after feeding on one side. I don't pump often, though, usually just one side each day, to get some saved up.



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