How Much Milk To Put In Bottle

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ry - April 29

Hello! I have a one month old who I bf but give at least one bottle a day of either br___tmilk or formula. My question is, I am never sure how much milk or formula to put in the bottle. I have been putting 3 ounces in but she will drink 4 or more if i let her which seems like a lot. Does anyone know how much should go in the bottle for a feeding?


Jilloh - April 30

I have to pump to b___st feed and our peditrician said to give him the bottle let him take in as much as he wants until there is something left in the bottle. Just because they finish the prepared bottle doesnt mean they are full, thus the reasoning behind them leaving something.


ca_pink - June 4

There's a formula that depends on how many times a day the baby feeds. I think the baby is supposed to get approx. 25 oz a day. So, if you feed 5x a day, then they should drink 5 oz at each feeding, etc. Good luck!


Jenn2 - June 5

I have read for newborns/infants it should be between 3oz and 5oz at each feeding. Like ca_pink depends on how much your baby will take at each feeding vs. how many times per day you feed him/her.


BeckyM - June 6

My lactation consultant said to take the baby's weight, times 3, divided by the number of feeding per day. So if you have a 12 lb. baby who eats 8 times a day, you should feed 4.5 oz.


JJ5235 - June 6

If it is b___stmilk that you are putting in a bottle, it should be one ounce for ever hour. So if it was 2 hours from last feed then you will need 2 ounces. Of course the baby will drink more when it is given but that is because the nipple drips milk into babys mouth, then the baby sucks/swallows causing more milk drip repeating the process until its all gone. But it is best to stop after every ounce and burp the baby. This will slow down your feeding session and make the baby feel fuller when it is drank slowly. Why are you giving your b___stfed baby formula?


jessielouwho - June 12

I've read that baby should eat half their weight in ounces, ie. 12lb baby should eat 6 oz.


JJ5235 - June 12

I do not believe that to be true at all.



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