How Often Does Your Baby Poop

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Sarahsmommy - January 27

How often does your bf baby poop? My baby is 7 weeks old and the doctor told me today it is normal for them to go 7-10 days without pooping, and has long as its not marble like its ok. It just seems like a long time to me. Just wondering how everyone elses baby is.


dani - January 27

My baby is 4 weeks and he poops about 3 times a day. He does have a lot of wet diapers, though. 7-10 days does seem like a long time for no bowel movement, maybe you could get a second opionin.


Sasha - January 27

My daughter is 2 weeks old. I alternative between b___stfeeding and bottle. She poops around 4-7 times a day. I know it sounds crazy, but I keep a little log of how often she poops, sleeps, and has a wet diaper. This is good so I don't have to guesstimate at the pediatricans. My pediatrican told me that b___stfed babies poop more often than bottle fed babies. 7-10 days seems a LONG time to go, especially since they are so small! If I hadn't pooped in 7 days I'd be in pain! Get a second opinion.


Dawn C - January 28

I dont know how many times BUT ALOT!! Usually we have 1 or 2 good poops but there are 3-4 times a day when its a drop or two maybe when he has gas but we definatly have 1-2 good ones a day


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 28

My dd is 5 months and goes once or twice a week lately


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 28

okay, she just went again, so 3 this week


Jes - January 28

Sophie is 6 weeks, she poops every 6 days since 7 days old! and when she goes it means a bath strait away! right up her back, out of her daiper, and everywhere!


Trac - January 29

My son is b___stfed and poops AT LEAST 4-5 times every day.


Trac - January 29

Oops and he is 16 weeks.


olivia - January 31

I think any of these are normal. Our pediatrician kept telling me over and over that my daughter might not poop for a week or more and it would be completely normal for a bf baby. She always went more often, but I think the reason he kept saying it so much is that he gets a lot of parents worried when their kid is one of the ones who poops once a week or so. Breastmilk is so fully digestable, there is often just not a lot of waste. So I wouldn't worry as long as your baby seems comfortable and happy.


MyAngelBaby - February 3

my little one is 8 weeks and is b___stfed exclusively. she used to poop every single time she ate ( 8-12 times a day). Our ped. just told us that usually around 2 months they start going once every 3-4 days or sometimes longer and that when she finally did go, it would be a b__w-out. I'm glad she had told us that cuz my baby started this new cycle the day after she told us. And boy was she right!!!!


Gina - February 12

My baby is 7 weeks and I am lucky to find poop in almost every diaper since birth!!!!


JW - March 6

My baby is 2 weeks old and poops 5 minutes after she eats. I have heard that around a couple of months old that they start to get control of there own bowels and go less often. Before then, pooping is an autonomic response to feeding.


Angela in California - March 6

my baby is 5 weeks and he was pooping about 7 times a day up until a week ago! but now he's only pooping about 2-3 times a day


J - March 6

Our baby is 5 months and she poops once every 6 to 11 days. It really slowed down a couple months ago. When they get better at digesting they can go for a while if only on b___stmilk.


Selena - March 9

Taylor(11 weeks old) poops about every 3 days but on that third day she usually has 2 or 3 big dirty diapers.


Rebeccas_Mommy - April 19

I hope this is still the norm since this thread is really old. Because I have been really concerned about my 6 week old b___st fed baby cause she used to go every time she ate now if she goes every five to seven days im suprised. And she get four ounces of juice a day per doctors orders.



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