How Often How Much Nipple Confusion

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Worried Mom - May 18

I will be br___t feeding, hopefully I will be sucessful at it. I was wondering how long do I nurse on each br___t. Do I nurse on one side and switch after 10 minutes or so. Also how often? I am clueless about this. I plan on staying home and my work is allowing me to bring my baby so I can still br___t feed when I go back to work. I also don't know If I should strictly br___t feed or pump and have other people give my baby a bottle. Wouldn't that be considered nipple confusion? Help


michelle - May 18

If you have no idea what you are doing then you need to educate yourself. This forum is probably not going to give you all the information you need. There are websites that you can go to: La Leche League,, I suggest you also pick up a book such as "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" or "The Complete Book of Breastfeeding". You could also take a cla__s. In general, you should nurse on the first b___st until the baby seems finished, then go on to the next b___st. If you limit time spent on the first b___st, then you may not allow your baby to receive any of the rich hindmilk that is produced later in the feed.


Worried Mom - May 19

That is why I was asking the question. I guess I will not ask any more questions on this site.


Lisa - May 19

Breastfeeding isn't that complex. Personally, i don't think you need to buy books or take cla__ses to learn how to b___stfeed your baby. After you have delivered your baby, the midwives or nurses can give you all the information you need. The only thing you really need to learn is how to attach the baby properly. Initially, the baby will probably only need to feed from one b___st at a time. Just switch to the other side for the next feed. Basically, the baby will 'guide' you on when and how often you will need to feed him/her. If you find you are having difficulty after you leave hospital, all you need to do is get in contact with a lactation consultant or speak to the nurse at the baby health clinic and they can help with anything you are having difficulty with. If your baby is gaining weight each week (roughly 150-200grams) then she is thriving well. Go with your instincts, i found that was the best way. You will be fine. All the best for you and bub. :o)


worried mom - May 20

Thank you Lisa!


ES - May 20

Worried Mom- I too am going to wing it with b___st feeding. I figure for years and years and years women have had babies and b___st fed babies and have not had cla__ses etc. I want to think that we are not all that different from the women who gave birth on the plains after helping the men pack up camp and walked 80 miles to the winter site. Breast feeding is natural and I am hoping that instinct comes in.


Lisa - May 20

You're very welcome worried mom. :o)


michelle - May 20

There is no instinct for b___stfeeding. And yes it is natural. But I have spoken to many women who have never even handled a baby and then think they are going to ace b___stfeeding and parenting. I haven't met one yet where it worked. For example, there are seven girl cousins in my family. Four of us have had children so far. I am the only one who has nursed any children. I read books and articles when I was pregnant. The other three all decided to "wing" it. Two couldn't get the baby to latch. Even with the hospital lactation consultants and nurses. The other had no problems in the hospital but didn't think she had enough milk because the baby wanted to eat every two hours (which is normal) so she gave up. Two of my friends gave up b___stfeeding because it hurt (it shouldn't hurt). Another friend told me that b___stfeeding was "natural" and she would just know what to do when the time came. Her nursing relationship was very short, as well. She told me she wished she had prepared better for it and is now pregnant with her second and reading up on it. So, sorry if I sounded p__sy. I didn't mean to. You need to educate yourself concerning your and your baby's health care. Not every lactation consultant is any good. There are still plenty of nurses who think formula is best. Most pediatricians don't know anything about b___stfeeding. You don't want to be at the mercy of an incompetent in a uniform. The best resource for b___stfeeding info is La Leche League. If you contact your local chapter they can help you with just about anything. Good luck.


Lisa - May 21

You are right. Not all women can successfully b___stfeed or 'wing' it. I have spoken to a lot of women who say they have simply given up trying after about 5-6 weeks. Generally, the first 8 weeks are the worst. Once the baby starts to begin a feeding pattern, and getting used to the outside world, things will start to get easier for most. Babies need a lot of nurturing and time when they come into this world. I have b___stfed all 5 of my babies and am still nursing my 14 week old baby. I found each was different from the other, some of them i had to compliment feed, others were solely b___stfed. I think 'most' lactation consultants are competent in their ability to advise a new mum.



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