How Often To Breastfeed A 5 Month Old

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Perl - April 15

I'm curious to know how often other moms br___tfeed/have br___tfed their babies at around 5 months old. Most nights my ds wakes up about 3 times after I put him down for the night. During the day I feed him at 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm. DH feeds him a formula supplement of 4 oz at 7 pm and puts him to bed then I feed him again around 8:30 or 9 pm and if I"m lucky only two more times during the night but usually 3 sometimes 4 times at night. I'm wondering if I should feed my ds more often or less frequently in order to get him to sleep better at night.


DB - April 15

Wow, either I'm really lucky or my dd is under-fed!! She eats roughly 7 times per day and sleeps through the night (8 hours). She is eating every 2-3 hours during the day. Before she was sleeping thru the night she would eat every 3-4 hours, but then I started to encourage her to eat every 2-3 and she began sleeping thru the night. A typical day for my dd as far as feedings may be: 6:30, 8:30, 11:30, 1:30, 4:00, 6:30, 8:30...bed around 9 or 10 (of course times vary day to day)....Maybe try to soothe your ds at night without nursing? I wish I had better advice, but I can't imagine him "needing" to eat that frequently throughout the night...but then again each baby is different, it's sooo hard to say. I have a book that says for a 4-6 month old b___stfed baby.."You can look forward to five or six b___st feedings a day. You should be able to get an evening stretch of six hours without nursing. Six hours is considered 'sleeping through the night', although this is probably not considered your definition". I hope that helps you, again I wish I could offer better advice, as my dd is only 10 weeks.


taylow - April 16

Hi I am pregnant with number 6 and I know what you are going through. I nursed all of mine. I have a tip for you that I think you will love. When you give your baby the formula and night add baby cereal to it, shake it up really well, start with just a small amount to get her used to it then you can add a little more. This will fill her little belly up way better than it alone, and you should sleep soundly. At 5 months you could also give her a pacifier to soothe her right after she drinks her formula/cereal bottle. Alot of babies, well most enjoy sucking it is calming to them. Also start with rice cereal first. And good luck it should work wonders for you.



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