How Old Is Your Baby And How Long Do They Feed

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KDR - December 2

My ds in 6 wks old and nurses for 1-2 hrs. He falls asleep during feeds and then I have to wake him. It feels like it takes FOREVER to feed him. I guess all babies are different but I am curious about what everyone elses' babies are doing??? :)


lily10 - December 2

Wow 1-2 hours!! My dd is 5 months so she nurses for much shorter periods then she did when she was 6 weeks but she never nursed for even close to 1 hour. I would say now she nurses for about 8 minutes but she has always been a speed feeder. At 6 weeks she nursed for about 15 mins total time but she wanted to nurse every 1/2 hour to 45 mins. Do you give you ds a paci?


excited2bemama - December 3

dd is 6 months and nurses anywhere from 5 min to about 15-30 min at naptime and bedtime. If your lo falls asleep and is only sucking (not swallowing) then I would think you can break his suction and take him off after about 30 min.. if you feed on demand he will let you know when he is hungry again. YOu are apt to get really sore nipples if he nurses that long. But if he is 6 weeks he will wake up soon and be awake for feeds more.


nicdel - December 3

Hi, your baby sounds so much like my little boy, my little one is now 9 weeks but up to about 6 weeks old he nursed for 1-2 hours, i felt like i was constantly feeding, then one night he only feed for around 10 minutes i was a little shocked to say the least now he feeds anywhere from 8 minutes to 30 but never goes over that i think he was using me as a comforter, my baby does not have a dummy either and will not take one so he must be able to comfort himself a little better now i guess.


KDR - December 4

My nipples do get sore. I definately think that my ds uses me as a pacifier. My lactation consultant said that's okay and to let the baby to do that but I am so exhausted! I do feed on demand but I feel like he keeps demanding! He does take a pacifier but if he is hungry he spits it out so then I know he is truely hungry. thanks for the responses.


Emmie - December 4

When my son was that age he would nurse for 1 or 2 hours at a time too. I finnally found a plan. I bought a bunch of dvds, food, and drinks and sat on the couch practically all day., I kind of miss those days now. Also I had a little basket next to the couch so I had everything I would need-change of clothes, nursing pads, diapers, rash cream... everything. Now my son is 19 months and nurses once a day for about 15 minutes. I miss my little baby =(



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