How To Approach A New Mother W The Idea Of Formula Feeding

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LM - October 4

My sister-in-law and her 9 month old infant are living with us. She appears to be anorexic, 5'-7" at 100 pounds and eats and drinks little. Although my sister-in-law is br___tfeeding throughout the day and feeds the baby homemade pureed food, my niece cries a lot and has sporadic sleep. We often are woken by her cries at 1 to 3 am. Is there a reliable and safe formula that can supplement the br___t feeding?


Geans - October 4

I think it might be a good idea to mind your own business. I don't mean that in a mean way, I just think it may be best to not get involved in another woman's child or how she handles motherhood. It's offensive to her. She may not be anorexic. I don't eat a lot either and I'm not keeling over. Babies cry sometimes at night. Overtired, too many naps, can be anything. But trust me when I say that if someone said you were doing it wrong or showed concern in the way you have, you would be upset with them especially if they tried to push formula on your kid,If she needs help she will ask.


anne - October 4

oooh yes, tough one. I would be afraid to say anything. she is bf and she may feel insulted if you came up to her to suggest the formula. hell, i go nuts when even my mother gives me advice when she thinks i'm doing it all "wrong" lol.


Breastfeeding Mama - October 5

Babies cry. Get used to it. Hunger isn't the only reason babies cry, and it certainly isn't abnormal for a 9 month old to wake at night. Suggesting formula to a b___stfeeding mama is a highly hurtful and insulting thing to do - whether you know it or not, you're insulting her ability to physically care for her child, because you're suggesting that her b___stmilk is not sufficient. Buy yourself some ear plugs, or listen to a movie/music at night. While you might be woken by the baby's cries, guess what...your sister-in-law is awake with that baby. You get to go back to sleep; she doesn't. Have some compa__sion and sympathy.


aj - October 5

living in your house? well, i personally have never had a baby that still cries at that age around 1-3 am. it's likely hungry, though. i say if you are annoyed, kick her out. i know i would. i have my own newborn to think about, though, and i'd be p__sed if another child kept ruining the baby's sleep and mine as well. b___stfeeders get up in arms when you suggest formula supplementation, even if it's necessary, so leave that alone. i would just ask if the child sees a ped regularly, and if her check-ups are OK. a doctor will tell her if the baby is malnourished or not. you sound like you really care. good luck


to brestfeeding mama - October 5

buy some ear plugs? WTF??? watch a movie/listen to music at night? suppose this woman has to prepare for work in the morning? she is doing the SIL a favor by allowing her to stay at HER home with a baby. i think that shows sympathy right there. as far as the formula goes, i agree with you. hey, b___st is always best...even if the child is starving.


{sarcasm} - October 5

Sarcasm intended.


Jazzy - October 5

Kick out a woman who has a newborn and needs help? Hope it happens to you one day.


? - October 5

how is a 9 month old a newborn? she had 9+ months to get it together. she's a mommy now, and she needs to stand on her own two and provide for her own. especially if shes creating problems in someone elses home.


Breastfeeding Mama - October 5

Oh, so you automatically a__sume that the baby is hungry and therefore malnourished, and therefore b___st isn't best. The baby's BEING SUPPLEMENTED, with the the PUREED FOOD. So FORMULA is NOT the answer! YES, buy some EAR PLUGS. BABIES CRY.


hahahahaa - October 5

lucky this is not me. the sil would have caught the boot eons ago. she could install earplugs herself as i blast ozzy at 45 on my bose stereo system at 1-3 am. to drown out that whiny kid. bf'ing mama, you seem so baby-righteous that you have lost touch with respect for other people. the chick needs to get a flat of her own, and obviously, some substance to better feed her kid. *out*


to Breastfeeding Mama - October 6

Why so defensive? Do you really feel that inadequate as a woman? Just because you b___stfeed doesn't make you a super mom. A super mom is one that makes sure her baby gets enough. From a b___st, or from a bottle, it doesn't matter. An anorexic mother cannot possibly be doing her child any good, so it sounds like LM IS already showing "compa__sion and sympathy" by trying to help her.


to Breastfeeding Mama - October 6

And before you get your guns out....I HAVE b___stfed all four of my children.


anne - October 6

is she really anorexic or just a light eater and thin? i don't eat a lot, didn't before i got pregnant, ate like an average person during my pregnancy.. my baby is plump and happy.


Breastfeeding Mama - October 6

I can't believe everyone is so willing to blame the b___stmilk, when the child is also given solids. And, no, I don't feel inadequate as a woman, thank you very much. My b___stfed baby is also quite plump, happy, AND sleeping through the night since 6 weeks, thank you very much.


anne - October 7

oh waity, she said the baby is 9 months old? that baby should have been sleeping through the night agessss ago. it might be too many naps during the day or the baby has too much going on and she cries at night from being overtired. if she is getting solids and b___stmilk, the baby is more than likely ok.



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