How To Bf Without A Boppy Or Brestfriend Pillow

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ca_pink - April 17

I've been breasfeeding using a boppy and bresfriend pillow. I don't know how to breasfeed without a pillow, so the thought of going out and breasfeeding without a pillow terrifies me. How do you feed your little one when you're out?


Jamie - April 17

I put her head in the crook of my arm, and then rest my elbow on something; I also cross my legs to support her body a bit. Another way to do it is with a sling - I use a Maya wrap ring sling, but others work well too.


Nerdy Girl - April 17

I used to fold up my jacket or sweatshirt onto my lap to function as a pillow. It gets a lot easier when the babies get bigger. Those first couple of months, it's terrifying to think about leaving the house because of all those questions - How will I b___stfeed without my boppy? Where will be able to do it discretely? Etc. It will get easier and soon you won't need any kind of pillow anymore.


lindsay - April 17

i'm actually considering not using a pillow at all fron the very start because i had such a hard time not using one when i was out and about since i was so used to always having one at home... it is hard!!


Susan W - April 18

There's a travel Brestfriend pillow available from that inflates and deflates for carrying in your diaper bag for around $25. I used a sling too to nurse in public. But we didn't go out much until DS was 8 weeks old and was better at nursing.


Ginny - April 21

I hold my baby in the crook of my arm, too, and also cross my legs. It also helps if the chair has padded arms for you to lean against or prop up on. I never used a boppy, so I guess I never thought about it. Now that she's a little bigger, I can lay her accross my lap, with my legs crossed and lean forward a little. That way your hands are free. I put together her bouncy chair yesterday while she ate! I never would have thought that that was possible when I first began b___stfeeding, but you really do get used to it. Just try feeding at home without the boppy, until you're comfortable.


JLO - June 3

If you get your little one in the correct position in the corrk of your arm (cradle position) you can get so good that you can walk around with her like that and it is actually more comfortable than sitting unless you are uncomfortable feeing in public. I just cover her with a blanket and do my shopping with one hand. that only works at first though because then they are to heavy. just try the cradle position at home iwhtout the pillow. pretty soon you'll be an old pro



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