How To Pump When You Re Not Away From The Baby

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hthab - February 19

I'd like to pump to get a small stockpile of milk in the freezer, but I'm with my baby all day as opposed to pumping while at work. If anyone can tell me how they have done this, I'd appreciate it. How many times a day do you pump, how long do you pump, and how much are you able to get? Also, when do you pump? I pumped once yesterday and once today for 15 minutes each. I ended up with about 2 oz. (60 ml) each time. I did it about 20 minutes after feeding my baby. Just wondering if I should be doing it more often, and if I'll eventually end up with more than 2 ounces. Thanks!


Jennifer123 - February 20

I met w/ a lactation consultant about this early on b/c I wanted a stash for the freezer by the time I start back to work. I get up in the morning and feed my baby and then immediately go pump both sides for 15 minutes. I can usually get 4 ounces and I put that straight into the freezer. I started out by pumping twice during the day right after feedings but now that I'm getting 4 ounces in one session that's all I really want. I think it will increase as time goes on and your body realizes you want it to produce more milk. I also have a baby that sleeps through the night so by morning my b___bs are ready to go!


kellens mom - February 20

I was able to pump a lot the first couple of weeks...mostly because of engorgement. Then things leveled off to only getting a couple of ounces (total). I was trying to pump once a day to get my stockpile. After I had a bit, I decided that I should just slow down on the pumping. It was stressful trying to keep the baby happy and find time for pumping to. From that point on, I pumped when dd missed a meal time due to a nap...or better yet sleeping through a feeding at night (Hallaluah!). My supply stayed constant at a couple of ounces for the first 2 months. Then it slowly started to increase. At my peak, I could pump 4 oz from each b___st every 3 hours (I know this because I had to pump for work). Now at 10 months, my dd is starting to slow down on her milk needs. She will only nurse during the night (if she wakes), so I am forced to pump to feed her during the day. I usually pump 4 times, but am considering 3 times. Remember...our dd is 10 months old. you may still have to pump a lot when you go back to work in order to keep your supply up.


hthab - February 20

Thanks for the comments. I think it will get better. I'm starting to feel a bit more full of milk, and I know I just need to stick with it. It's too easy to just stop since it's so hard to find the time to pump. I wait until the baby is sleeping, and then pray that he won't start crying once I've started pumping. He's 7 weeks old, so hopefully it will get easier as he learns to keep himself happy while he's awake. I think I'll try to do it twice a day too.



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