How To Stop Breastfeeding

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Renee - May 2

My son is now almost 9 months, but he began biting a couple of weeks ago. How do I stop br___tfeeding him, he is hurting me real bad? Help please.


Carrie - May 22

I very rarely b___stfeed my son...I mostly pump. Now that he is on formula and I am returning to work. It is time that I stop pumping. I have already weaned the pumping down. My question is how long will I be in pain?


madilene - May 25

pls let me know


Cheri - June 25

I need a little advice on how to get my 15-month old who is an attachment raised boy to stop b___stfeeding. I would prefer the cold turkey method but all suggestions accepted.


Lesley - June 26

Have you tried to just stop and give your child formula through a cup or bottle? I stopped b___stfeeding my daughter when she was 9 month old, and it took a bit to get used to.


stacie - June 27

How do I dry up my milk?


[email protected] - June 30

how do I stop breas feeding ?


Carrisa - July 6

I am tring to stop brestfeeding so I can have an other baby . But I don't know how. She is going to be 2 in 7 mon.


Trena Gilkes - July 11

My son is 7 months old and i'm still b___stfeeding. I would like to stop b___stfeeding soon.I'm afraid may not know how to stop b___stfeeding.I don't want to be a Mother b___stfeeding at 12 months old.


Leah - July 11

Have you tried any bottles yet? I use the doctor browns and my 8 month old was taking it fine. I also heard to start with pumping and having half the bottle b___st milk and the other half formula. I am having a hard time too, my daughter used to take the bottle and now she doesn't all of a sudden. I need help too


Harry - July 11

Don't let him have it. Pump it and put it in a bottle.


Carrisa - July 12

When they are younger they are more easy. My daughter is 12.5 months and I have been tring. My mom took her for a night but she got sick and they call me to come get her. When she cries to much she throwsup


Chris - July 12

To dry up the milk, just don't pump it. For the pain, it helps to take a very large towel and wrap it around b___sts and have someone tie it VERY TIGHTLY in the back.


Carrisa - July 13

Try to put something he dose not like on your nipples. Like lime. It will not hurt him


kashi - July 16

peppermint tea (min. 3 cups a day) decreases milk production...



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