How To Store Breast Milk

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tish212 - December 4

ok I haven't had my baby yet but I'm trying to get everything I need... I have an electric pump and I am curious...would it be helpful to save colostrum? I am full of it right now...I have hand expressed and gotten well over 3oz per br___t...they leak all the I was wondering since it is so good for baby should I save this? and my big question what do u save it in? and say I freeze should I go about heating it up should I get a bottle warmer? and how long is it good for when refridgerated and when frozen? and how long is it good for at room temp when it has been pumped...sorry for all the questions like I said I'm new to all of this... and thanks in advance!


teska - December 7

Hi, the only advice I would share is to test out freezing your milk. Freeze one bag before stocking up. I started stocking up right after my milk came in, I had so much to spare. I didn't know however, that some women need to scald their milk before freezing. I had over 60 bags of milk go bad, because I didn't know this. You will know it's bad when it smells awful, tastes bitter and your baby won't take it. In my case, it did smell awful - really soapy and metallic almost, but my son did not refuse it - he never gave me a sign that it tasted bad. Just the other day my husband spilled some and tatsted it and gagged. That's when we discovered that it is bad. Now I will have to toss it all and maybe start over - this time scolding it. they say to freeze it in deep freezer for up to 6 months, 3 months in the regular freezer. Thawed milk should be used within 24 hours. I used all kinds of bags, but found Madela the best - they are smaller, but seem more sturdy and can stand up straight and are more ridgit. You can also pump directly into them. At first I microwaved my milk, but then thought about it and it is true that microwaving can alter the composition of the milk and kill off some nutrients. I went out and bought a bottle warmer for $15.00 and it is small and works great. There are all kinds and can run up there in price, but I only use my occasionally and at night, so I don't need anything fancy. Hope this helps.


tish212 - December 14

thank u so much for ur when u say it needs to be do u do that? I really want to bf...but I also want dh to be able to feed the baby... I am going to go look into buying some of the bags.... thanks again..I know I am full of questions...thanks!


newbabyras - December 25

Like teska said, you should never microwave your b___stmilk - it nukes all the nutritional value out of it. I've been bf for 9 months now and switched to the Lansinoh bags because they were SO much cheaper than the medela bags. I work out of the home, so I had to store 3-4 feedings a day, adn the Medela bags were killing me. I didn't scald my milk - I wonder what that does to the nutritional value - -



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