How Would You Rate Your Pump

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anne - September 6

i am using a pump and it sucks (or doesn't lol). bailey nurture ||| (lansilol) and the advent isis manual pump. both are terrible, and have worn my hands out. which pump are you using, how much br___tmilk are you getting out and how many minutes (mine takes an hour for 3 ounces!!!), I am going to buy one that works better, i just need your advice.Thanks!!!


bump - September 6



katie - September 6

Definitely get the madela pump in style (double pump). My baby is 3 weeks old and I'm pumping on average 2 oz each b___st for about 10 mins. I hope this helps. I bought mine online at which was cheaper than anywhere else I found, plus few free bottles from Avent. Good luck!


gina - September 7

Babycenter is expensive. don't go there. shop around!!!


Maleficent - September 7

i've got a medela harmony manual pump. i like it alot. it has a "let down" lever and it's real easy on your hands. most manual pumps would give me terrible pains in my hands and wrist, this one is very comfortable. the milk is still transitioning from colostrum, but i can pump an ounce in about 15 minutes. pumping for an hour sounds miserable, i hope you find a pump that agrees with you.


monica - September 7

I love my advent pump its manual but its great.... I get 8 oz in less than 10 minutes.


KATHRYN - September 7

I love the avent ISIS. I use it several times a day. I get 4-6oz in 10 minutes (both b___st).


anne - September 7

ok what am i doing wrong. i have both the ISIS and the bailey ||| and i pump every 2 hours during the day - at most every 3 hours. i sometimes go 5 hours in the night (was told is ok by a lactation expert) - but i get up at least once to pump most nights - and i have been getting only 3 ounces -- both b___sts combined after an hour of pumping. what am i doing wrong? it looks like its not the pump im using, but my body. i didn't know you can get 8 ounces a session? in like 10-20 min? i need help guys.. what am i doing wrong?


monica - September 7

everyone is different... doesnt sound to me like you are doing anything wrong. with my first I didnt get that much milk when I pumped but with this baby I get a lot more. I wish I knew why. Are you drinking enough fluids? eating enough?


anne - September 7

i dont seem to find enough time to eat well and its probably what is getting me. she wants food all the time, my husband has gone back to the office so i have tons of stuff laid on me to do now. i'm pretty exhausted and cant find time to eat anything homemade anymore - i just snack and run.


monica - September 7

i really believe that if you dont get enough food it will reduce your milk supply. do you sleep on your stomach? wear underwire bras? all this will decrease your supply. my husband works like 10 hours a day and i have a 4 year old so when baby sleeps i am eating a lot and pumping.


anne - September 8

i dont know how you do it. she wiped me out yesterday. i pumped every 45-2 hours allllll day long until 10:45 pm last night. i read your post last night and started chugging down water and eating.. and sure enough by this morning i pumped out 6 ounces in 30 min. compare that to 1-2 ounces in an hour, not bad! thanks for the advice. i am trying my best - i just wish i had more help around the house to get it together.


Kathryn - September 8

Taking care of yourself is really important with your milk supply. I usually drink a bottle of water before I pump. It really does seem to get the milk to flow. With the avent pump, just sqeeze the handle and hold it for a few seconds. Milk should just flow. Don't worry about getting things done around the house. Taking care of your kids is the most important. My house isn't dirty, but things don't always get put away. I just say I have a well lived in house. Good luck!!


monica - September 8

hi anne glad to hear you were able to pump out more milk. its hard once my 4 year comes home from school. My mom lives close so she helps me with dinner...


anne - September 8

you're lucky to have your mum nearby. mine took off for a vacation to greece - literally bought the ticket minutes after i called and announced i gave birth. she claimed she was stressed with worry for me (i had anemia and still do). nice huh? lol. am i bitter, i just may be :) she is coming back tomorrow night, but i don't expect her to help at all as usual. thank god for my wonderful husband.. god he has really stepped in without so much as a request from me. it was hard to see him back off to work this week. i am beat!


Kathryn - September 8

I just came across this today and it said eating beef can also help your milk supply. I'm not big on eating beef so i'm not sure if i'll try it to see if it works or not. Has anyone else heard of this?


anne - September 9

kathryn, i don't know about that one. not heard anything. i prefer staying vegan due to the hormones in the meat, poultry, and dairy. eating more protein helps milk production, that i have learned recently, but as far as eating beef on its own to increase it - i am not convinced.



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