Hubby Wants Me To Start Supplementing

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sapi - March 9

Hello- My husband is trying to get me to supplement our 3 week old. He thinks that if I supplement before bedtime that my ds will sleep better at night. He has brought it up several times and I keep saying that it's too early. He keeps asking "when is it ok"? I keep telling him that this is still a crucial time in ,making sure that supply is up and baby is good at latching on etc... and that supplementing may make him sleep and xtra hour or so but it's not a cure all and going to make the baby sleep through the night. Anybody lil one sleeping though the night on just the br___t? At what point did they start? and at wht point is it o'k to start adding in formula. I really don't want to and probably wont..but just wondering what peds and literature are saying is ok time to introduce formula. Thank you jen


Jamie - March 9

3 weeks is too young to sleep through the night, whether on formula or on the b___st. Is your husband the one who gets up with him in the night? If not, it's not his problem whether your son sleeps through or not. Realistically, your son probably will not sleep through the night until he's about 6 months old, possibly later. Formula will NOT help, and could actually make it worse. A lot of b___stfed infants don't tolerate formula, and so it could cause upset stomach or constipation, even if it didn't affect your supply or his latch. If you have to go back to work, and pumping is not an option, then introduce formula around 5-6 weeks.


tinkri - March 9

My ds is 8 weeks and I bf exclusively. At about 6 weeks he started sleeping 6 hours after I put him down for the night. Usually put him to sleep at 9:30 and he wakes again at 3-3:30am. My first 2 children were fomula fed and slept about the same at the same age. Stick with the b___st if this is what you want.


tryingx3 - March 9

I have a "bad sleeper"...she is now 5.5 months old, gets up 3-5 times a formula or cereal NEVER changed anything. I tried it. I would "give in" when I was tired and my husband would encourage it. I would get frustrated because everyone kept (and still does) pushing formula or cereal on us. I now realize they are just trying to "help" me get some rest. I stopped trying the "extra" stuff and am 1-wk from her 6mo birthday when I will start cereals and solids - based on the American Pediactric a__sociation recommendation for bf babies. I WILL also say that my dd is NOT a big eater or appear to be overly eager for foods yet - so that has lined up with my "plans". I have also been told that babies will sleep when they are "ready to sleep".


sapi - March 9

Thank you all for your input- the info provided is very much appreciated.


Ciarasmom - March 9

I have not found a difference with feeding my dd formula or b___st milk before going to bed. She is now 9weeks and still wakes up 2 1/2-3 hrs at night. Some babies just like to eat I guess, I wish that the formula would make a difference so I could get more sleep.


EricaLynn - March 9

My daughter is almost 10 weeks old. We supplemented with formula around 4-5 weeks, she got about 2-4 oz a day (at bedtime) for just about a week. (now she doesnt get formula anymore). At about two weeks she slept 7 hours for a night. Now at almost 10 weeks she is sleeping 7 hours more consistently. (although sometimes it can take up ro 5 hours to get her down). It is probably ok to introduce formula around 5 weeks if you want to, but it didnt make any diffrence in my daughter. She sleeps just as much without it as she does with it. Except for the one seven hour night she was a horrible sleeper until about 6 weeks or so. I agree and dont think it will help him sleep longer.


DB - March 9

I am only b___stfeeding and our daughter generally eats at about 9 or 10 pm and will sleep til 2 or 3 (last night she slept 6 hours straight!!! it was great)...I personally wouldn't supplement...but you kind of have to expect to get up every 3 hours for quite some time. I agree with Jamie, I gave my dd 1.5 oz of formula because I had pumped too close to when she wanted to eat and it was terrible...she pooped greeen with blood and can't tolerate formula. I felt terrible. Now she has to have soy formula if and when she'll ever get it. I dont' know, but I'd say don't supplement.


KimS - March 15

Hey, well we started supplementing at 3 wks, my dh does 1 feed per day, a night time one so that I can sleep longer... but my ds doesn't sleep any longer on the formula, as a matter of fact I bf him at about 8:30 and he'll sleep until about 2 then dh will formula feed him and he's up at 5... but we did it so that my dh can participate and bond, he loves feeding him and it gives me some time to sleep!! I say do what ever feels right for you guys.. I don't believe there is a right or wrong answer!


Ann1 - March 16

My ds is 3 weeks old, and he has slept for 6 hours at night a few times now and will consistantly sleep at least 4 hours at a time and several times 5. However, he is a big baby (10lbs 4ozs at birth), so I think it is just that his tummy is bigger and can hold more food. I BF w/o supplementing.



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