Husband S Breastfeeding Concerns

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Dinah - April 5

Hi. I don't have any children yet, but I am firm in my opinion that br___tfeeding is best. My husband, though, believes that babies who are br___tfed also need to have their food supplimented by baby food or whatever. I told him this exactly the opposite of the truth because your body produces what the baby demands. I can't figure out why he thinks this. Any idea what I can have him read? If it is from a pro-br___tfeeding source, he will say they are biased. I know he is concerned because it is a foreign idea to him. Any ideas?


answer - April 5

After you have a baby let him talk to the the Lactation Nurse or Dr so they can tell him how much the b___stmilk is nutrients. If my husband was saying that I would just let it go and cross that bridge when you get there and I would just b___stfeed because mothers no whats best for there babies. My baby is 7 mo old and he eats some baby food but not as much and i am not concerned cause he is a b___stfed baby. good luck


raye lynn - April 5

dinah, this is very weird to me. there is nothing more natural than b___stfeeding. you are very right on. even doctors agree b___st milk is best. those commercials that advertise formula have a disclaimer that says "b___stmilk is best, ask your doctor." I agree with the post above. Have him talk to the doctor. Baby food should be introduced when the baby shows interest in eating other food. good luck!!


Cathy - April 5

When people seem shocked that I dont need to give my daughter anything (especially water) I just say - Well the cavemen didnt have bottles, sterilised water and jars of mushed up food did they? People only think that way because formula is so popular, babies do usually want food sooner when they are formula fed because it isnt as nut_tionally adaquate as b___stmilk. Some babies can be fine just having b___stmilk until they are 9-10 months old and dont show an intrest in food until then. Baby knows when they need something a little more substantial and they will show you by taking it from your hand/plate and eating it. Here are some good b___stfeeding links Hope this helps. Cathy


Dinah - April 6

Thanks, Ladies! Very good info and support! I know I am right about this.: ) My babies will be b___stfed and I'm sure my husband will have more faith when he sees how well it works! He is a very technical guy- he doesn't understand things unless he can have them in a chart! Instincts will win here, though, I a__sure you.


D - April 8

Would an article from the FDA help him? How about the World Health Organization (definately check these before you show him) here's a page with some links to their recommendations If he likes lots of references, check this one out! Its the policy of the American Academy of Pediatrics.;100/6/1035


D - April 8

Ok, the second link should only have "-"s between child and adolescent, and adolescent and health. The third one should have no hyphens at all...


Maleficent - April 9

if he wants charts you can get them from your doctor, local wic office, and any of the sites cathy posted. my husband had mixed feeling about it at first too, and as much as i include him in all parenting decisions b___stfeeding is one area where i made the choice and told him to just shut up and play along. he's now a total advocate for b___stfeeding.



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